Saturday, October 9, 2010

mmm food...mmm movies

Perfectly cracking an egg, one handed on the edge of a bowl, while somehow keeping millions of tiny shells out of the dish is much harder than it looks Miss. Sabrina Fairchild; it takes a lot of practice.

Over the last year this is one of the many odd talents I have tried to cultivate with this life exploration/free time I have on my hands, and all because of watching Audrey Hepburn play a girl who heads to Paris to seek out her dream cooking school in the movie Sabrina. I didn't go to graduate school, but I'm cooking a lot and can now crack the perfect egg; the envy is growing.

Whether your passion is slaving on the stove or merely tasting the final product, I am sure you must appreciate my favorite, and many other peoples favorite, combination of interests.

Cooking and feasting in the movies has become a whole category of its own, and watching these flicks can often be torture. Why am I eating this crappy bowl of popcorn when there is all this glorious food in front of my face?

When I think about all my favorites that fit the category, everything that comes to mind is joyous. Cooking is completely associated to gathering with the people we care most about, which can only explain why people continue to make and frequently flock to see movies filled with food. Life may be hard at times, but there can always be a good movie, with good food, and good people.

Keep reading to find out which are the most delectable stories.

Caution: All of these movies will make you want to instantly gorge yourself with delicious food, and will also make you want to be a better cook.

(I know I have not yet seen a lot of food classics-for example Babettes Feast-but this is what I know and love for right now).


Pies! It is impossible to watch this and then not go make a million pies.

Julie and Julia

Julia Child, the legend of American culinary arts, has never been better than played by Meryl Streep (an obvious statement). As an audience we go along with Julia, and a modern day blogger Julie (Amy Adams), as they both struggle to become a master of their ultimate passion; food. So much food, it may actually be beautifully featured in every scene. My stomach is growling.


Judy Dench's character in Chocolat suffers from diabetes, but still can't stay away from the wonder-us chocolate creations of Juliette Binoche. If I ever develop diabetes I don't even know how my life will go on. Chocoholics unite for this beautifully rich tale about people brought to life by desserts in a small French village. Also, Johnny Depp as a gypsy is a must.


"You're doing it Peter!" This is fondly cherished as my first food in movies memory and it is just one scene. Peter and the Lost Boys use their imagination to create the greatest, most incredible feast any child could ever dream of. Everything looks like heaps of frosting! Of course the scene also happens to end in every child's food related fantasy; the ultimate food fight.

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Children are picky eaters, but not when it comes to one thing: candy. Who didn't want a chocolate river running through their back yard? Or pretended that the buttercups in their garden were actual tea cups? Or wish that their wall paper was edible? I could go on.

Can't embed this clip my ass...well, click here for the incredible Gene Wilder singing a classic. 

Big Night

In order to discover random movies, I often do a Netflix search of actor filmographies. The always enjoyable Stanley Tucci has a breve of interesting movies to peruse on their watch instantly feature. So, I decided to throw on Big Night, which Tucci partially wrote, directed, and stared in, for the first time earlier this month. From what I can tell, by my intense research, this may be the movie that has set many a standard for other cooking films.

With a cast filled with many of my favorite actors, including Minnie Driver, Allison Janney, Isabella Rossellini and Marc Anthony (ha!), Big Night instantly became a favorite of mine even after only seeing it once.

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