Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Christmastime (Allegedly)

So, who counted? What did we get... about two days to stretch out the gloriousness that is Halloween before Christmastime 2010 was declared? It's November 4th, and for the last two days at work (for all of you taking notes, "my current source of bringing in $$" would be at the local mall) they have been playing Christmas music.

Now don't call me a Scrooge or anything; I am a very Christmas person (or any holiday for that matter). Seriously though, the festive spirit losses its specialness when it is extended to start in November. For me, the Christmas music is kicked off on December 1st, with one month to soak up all the Christmas I can. That is plenty of time.

Even though it sounds like I am ranting about the Christmas music playing whilst I work, what really spawned this insightful discussion is one song I just couldn't resist sharing.

Between a little Britney Christmas diddy, some Sinatra and Bing, this little gem came on; it's official, everyone has a Christmas song.

Being an alt. music fan growing up, Billy Corgan's voice will always release a beacon call to my ears. At first my ears were confused; why is Billy Corgan singing about fuzzy memories of children in front of a tree? Something just isn't right here...he should be screaming into that microphone! It's just plain odd.

Admittingly though, Christmastime is actually not that bad of a song or as annoying as half the musak I am forced to listen to everyone morning. Its point of origin is from A Very Special Christmas compilation CD released in 1997. Look for it playing at Macy's nationwide. You're welcome.

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