Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Swoooon Of The Week: Halloween Edition

It has been a long week, folks. Dealing with The Crazies who frequent the local mall can really wear a person down.

Only a shining beacon makes it possible to survive this week; Halloween is on Sunday! Mad Men-ing it out for dress up this year has been a fun distraction, especially in the hair department. Bouffant (fun word!) experimenting and nearly suffocating on hairspray for the art of the 60's up-do was worth it this afternoon. Although, the head ache is lingering a little longer than expecting. This girl just doesn't hang around a teasing comb and hairspray that often (which I think is a good thing).

The highlight of the week, on the Halloween theme, is (of course) what is showing on television and scary movies. As noted earlier,I pointed out my favorites to watch during this season. This list did not include, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which I do like, just not enough to mention it), but you know what will in the future? The Glee themed version of the movie!

This tops my Swoon Of The Week, because everybody needs something to entice a good, dramatic, hand to the forehead swoon every now and then.

Glee has lost me a bit (just a bit!) in this latest season. The Britney themed episode was just meh, Puck being absent for two episodes is ridiculous, not enough Stamos, and too much about the new kids in school and not enough about the adult characters.

Well, last nights Rocky episode gave me everything that had been missing and more (except Puck, boo).

(Cue Stamos basically killing it on that Meatloaf number)

Anyone that watched this will note it would be difficult to pick one swoon moment, so we'll just say it was the whole episode. From Stamos finally getting his own production number to Emma and Mr. Shue (notably shirtless) dancing around a classroom to Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me (I was wondering how they were going to pull that one off...). Actually all of the musical numbers were great and definitely did all those classic songs justice. It made me want to jet out to find the nearest midnight showing of the movie.

A very fun episode that continues to show the immense creativity that is possible for television.

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