Monday, November 15, 2010

Teenage Dream...or Present Dream

Somewhere floating around amongst the deep abyss of photographs taken in the last five years, stored on various drives and folders, is a photo capturing the exact moment I found out that Jane Pratt would no longer be the editor of Jane Magazine. Believe me, if I could find it, this devastating moment (with hand dramatically grasped onto the last Jane I ever read) caught digitally would be on

My appreciation for the medium is breaching on idol worship and I give all the credit to my 8th grade discovery of Jane .

I would LOVE to say that I had been an avid Sassy reader (also created by Ms. Pratt) leading up to the creation of Jane, but alas, I was too young and could only appreciate that last bit of Sassy's reign. Although, with the beauty of hoarders (and I'm not judging, these are my homies-you should see my magazine collection), I was able to catch many older issues floating around Value Village over the years.

So, with this crazy lead in, I give you my favorite news story of the the last several days: Jane is back! It was announced this week that she has decided to team up with teenage blogger, Tavi Gevinson, for a new magazine. I would give my left leg (or something less dramatic...) to write for anything created by Jane Pratt. My meltdown over the dissolution of Jane wasn't just because it wouldn't be there for me to enjoy anymore; I wanted to be a part of that world. That magazine is the reason I continue to pursue writing.

Since Jane folded, there has been lacking a space for strong, unique, female voices to be expressed and to be absorbed by teenagers and women. It's also the only magazine that I ever felt like, "this is cool!" It may sound dumb, but oh so true.

If this new venture even captures a little of that, the world can be back in balance once again.

In a final moment, because it is fitting and I have been obsessively cranking this all week, a send off by Glee's recent reincarnation of "Teenage Dream". Oh Jane Magazine, you made me feel pretty, without any makeup on. We can dance until we die.

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  1. JUSTINE you haaaaaaave to send something in to the new mag! I saw that announcement on Tavi's blog, and they want people to send stuff in!


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