Sunday, December 5, 2010

Battle of The Oscar Stars: Best Picture 1957

Boasting the most heart pounding end to an entire movie I have seen in a long while, it's really too bad that it took two and a half boring hours to get there.

The Bridge On The River Kwai begins at the height of WWII with the capture of an entire troop of British soldiers, and their deferment to a Japanese POW camp. They are ordered to build a bridge to allow train passage, and lead by their colonial (played by Alec Guiness) the POW's decide to not sabotage the bridge, but instead build it to honor Britain. Without their knowledge an allie group is at the same time working on a rescue mission, as well as a plan to destroy the bridge. Basically, hilarity ensues!

With a plot line like that, it would seem like this movie could be somewhat interesting. If it stuck to that than this would possibly be true, but in the end there is too much filler.

CinemaScope technology (which was still new at the time) profoundly showcasing the vast jungles of Asia, definitely creates a visually bright and beautiful movie. Although, at times it feels like these shots are too long. As if the director was having deep thoughts, like, "Look where we are! Isn't it unbelievable!"

Truthfully though I think the story is completely lacking for most of the movie. This can always be the most to blame for killing anything quickly.

War movie fans might be able to get into this movie as a whole more than I could. Honestly though, I do suggest sticking this one out, if you can, because the end is definitely worth it.

Sorry if this feels completely unenthusiastic, I tried really hard to come up with a hard nosed opinion one way or the other about this movie and struggled.  I continue to discover that writers block can hit at anytime! Maybe I'll get 'em next time.

Now for something completely different. Next Up: Gigi.

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