Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I Love: Car Sabotage Revenge

Every day regular people, like you and me, keep the peace by holding their anger inside. Simply driving around can be a complete test on your sanity; that jerk cuts you off as he zooms over four lanes, so he doesn't miss his exit or someone unnervingly steals your parking spot after you waited there patiently. Still, you play it cool, because that's the decent thing to do.

Seriously though, who hasn't really imagined just completely losing it on these a-holes? Most of us will never get to/shouldn't live this out, and this is why I present my favorite movie or television car related meltdowns. Actors get to do this all the time!

Thanks to all the people who, for days on end, have drilled into my brain that I need to catch up on Breaking Bad, because I am officially addicted (not to crystal meth though, so that's a good thing).

My inspiration for this blabbering was, in fact, because of Breaking Bad. I don't want to ruin the show for anyone, but I'll just say that this clip of Brian Cranston's character at a gas station is really fulfilling to watch. His character is an intellectual, timid, family man who has struggled with many hardships (and now cooks meth...), and watching him get just a little revenge cranks up his badassness.

Seriously dude, a vain personalized license plate? You are going down.

Crazy Kathy Bates, in Fried Green Tomatoes, is really the only other clip I could find, and it is one of my favorites in film history. For anyone who hasn't seen this, shame on you! The clip is self explanatory, but it is much better after watching the whole movie. Classic.

What are some others? My mind is blanking on listing any more right now, because I really just want to watch 30 Rock reruns and take a snooze.

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