Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back In Summer 2010...

("Ahhh it's soo fluffy I'm gonna die!")
Lets play a game of pretend where we can climb into a Delorean time machine. Okay, now lets go back to this past summer, I'll act like I am a genius, and talk about things when it was actually relevant.

The need for this blast to the past is because this week has been all about falling in love with things that I am ever so behind on.

First of all, I finally got around to purchasing Robyn's (Swedish dance hall queen) latest album Body Talk. Released this past June, I had heard incredible things, and had planned on adding it to my summer playlist. Then magically, I forgot all about it, until now.

Formally of "Show Me Love" fame (I know you remember that jam from '97), Robyn is now notorious for delivering one hell of a show. For the last many days, I've been groovin around to "Dance Hall Queen" and her Eurpean chart topping "Dancing On My Own". All the dance references in the song titles directly mean that it will be difficult to not find yourself bopping around your room to this CD. I want to see her

From the summer music that I missed out on to the summer movie front. Arriving in my mail yesterday was Despicable Me, which, even though I love anything animated, was a movie that I had zero interest in seeing.

I'm crazy, because I loved this more than any person should.

All that credit goes to those damn Minion things. Seriously, that clip had me loosing it for about fifteen minutes.  It's mostly the drag-esque costuming they used to "blend" in with society at the grocery store. That wig! That mustache!

Much like after I saw Wall-E and wished I had a little robot friend, I now want a Minion. I refuse to grow up.

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