Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jenny. Betty. And A Teddy

When the clutches of sleep can't reel me in quick enough, the glory of the Hallmark channel sometimes keeps me entertained until I can finally turn in for the night. Much to the enjoyment of millions, crappy, yet still addicting made for TV movies, and old reruns of Golden Girls, basically run on that channel non stop late at night.

Last nights Golden Girls episode did not disappoint, as a red haired, future songstress (in all her child star glory), waltzed onto the screen. Seeing little Jenny Lewis steal Betty White's precious Teddy Bear and running around sassing Bea Arthur made my night.

Everyone in that video sounds like robots, but terrible quality aside, it was exciting to find the clip. Youtube never lets me down.

Lewis often scribes songs about her experience living the life of a child actress, most notably told through negative eyes in the incredibly written and haunting Rabbit Fur Coat, which can be found  on her solo debut album of the same name.

Only after becoming a super fan of her band, Rilo Kiley, did I realize I had known Lewis for years. No, not because of Golden Girls (I wish), but for numerous other treasures from my childhood.

I could talk about how many times I forced my family to watch Troop Beverly Hills, or the fact that no one, to this day, could tear me away from it, but right now I will stick to just one: A classic road picture, The Wizard

This film finds Lewis starring as a tough girl from Reno, Fred Savage, and his video game prodigy brother on a quest to win a gaming competition at Universal Studios. That movie is surprisingly deep, Christian Slater shows up (remember him in the good old days? swoon), and a rockin' electronic late 80's soundtrack, make this a must see.

Growing up around boys meant that the first days of Nintendo summarizes an extent of my early years, and movies like The Wizard were groundbreaking, especially because of The Power Glove.

People grow up, of course, and some even grow up to become awesome rock stars. Lewis' most recent side project with Jonathan Rice, I'm Having Fun Now, continues along on her always changing music style. At first I was hesitant, after witnessing Rice as an opening act to Rilo Kiley several years ago, but I am now entirely digging the old fashioned rock sound and the Jenny and Johnny pairing.

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