Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WHY?? Hollywood Remakes Update

During the summer, in my younger days, there were only a few things that kept me inside when I could be out frolicking in the sunshine. One of these would definitely be any priceless movie from the late 80s early 90s playing on TV. Classics like Troop Beverly Hills, Adventures In Babysitting, Teen Witch, and most importantly Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead would leave me glued to the living room most mornings and afternoons. Who am I kidding, if these were all on TV in a marathon today, I would still not leave my house.

Most would think, why would Hollywood even try to update such staples in people's lives? Well, it's been done, it was released this week that remakes of both Adventures in Babysitting and Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead are in the works.

There would be no Christina Applegate, Shelly Long (okay she was already famous), or Elizabeth Shue without these movies. I don't even want to know who they are going to cast. All I can imagine is the worst. I will continue to live and just pretend all this isn't happening.

Next they are going to tell me that Jenny Lewis is coming out of acting retirement in order to sell Girl Scout cookies for the remake Troop Beverly Hilzz 2: Cookie Time

UPDATE: This is really delayed, and by that I mean two years. During my research for this Pulitzer Prize nominated article, I discovered that The Internet Movie Database has a Teen Witch remake listed as being in production! The last update for this was listed in 2008, so there can only be a good sign that this is no longer happening.

They can't even try to Top That (I finally found a reason to mention this video):

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