Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Will Be Even Better When She Wins The Gold

Since the Golden Globes this past Sunday all that's been on my mind is my continuing growing love of ballsy Ricky Gervais, the glory of Chris Colfer winning (holla!), and, I can't forget, the best reason to watch these self congratulatory events; the gowns!

One sparkly encrusted, Viktor & Rolf number worn by Natalie Portman continues to live on in my dreams. Apparently, some were not as charmed with the super romantic, dusty-pink, satin dress adorned with a red rose (embroidered with tons, and tons, of crystals). I am self proclaimed whore for flowers mixed in clothing design, so I was instantly drawn to that dress. Plus, Portman just looked super fancy while being pregnant and all!

Portman has been a part of fantastic movies in the past (most recently Brothers, and yes, I love her in Garden State), but I never really had a true opinion about her. Sure, I like her just fine, but now this year, with Black Swan, I think she will be on my radar from now on.

I'm not the only one calling it the year of Portman, after-all, she's destined to win the Best Actress Oscar (and if she doesn't, I'm making a phone call). Although, 2011 is not just all about Black Swan. In fact, there is another one of her "films" being released this weekend!

I'm sorry that I had to inflict that on you, but it has to be seen to understand.

No, this isn't a documentary following the creation of the 2000 *NSYNC album, it's just the latest Hollywood junky comedy.

Case in point; does success always need to follow with some sort of disaster?

We learned it along with Sandra Bullock and that masterpiece All About Steve (still need to queue this up on Netflix), which then followed behind her winning the Best Actress Oscar last year for The Blind Side. Studios sure know how to time shit right; it seems like whenever an actor is critically acclaimed some stinker from the vault somehow quickly appears.

With the buzz for Portman all over the place, it pains me to admit that there is no doubt in my mind, people will be going to see this movie. This isn't my cup of tea, but maybe this is for the people who didn't get Black Swan?

P.S. Oscar nominations next Tuesday. Don't think I'm going to finish all the old Best Picture winners in time. Blast!

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