Saturday, January 15, 2011

Watch Of The Week: 21 Jumpstreet

How can the previous post be followed by something other than an entry about Depp? Not only because of the inspiration from his mighty tat, but also apparently I'm keeping the blog as strictly a throwback to the late 80's early 90's this weekend. It's just where the old mind is at this moment.

Here I go again talking about the Instant availabilities through Netflix, but it's really too good not to discuss. Who doesn't have Netflix by now? If you have a computer and love movies/TV, there is no better monthly investment. Whenever you want it's like, BAM! The X-Files. POOF! Harry and The Hendersons. Basically, it's like living with the genie Kazaam.

It takes a little digging through the search options, but it pays off. This week alone, numerous incredible must watch new releases were consumed. Including many destined to be nominated for Oscars. (Check out the sidebar of recently watched movies to know more!)

Also, hanging on the Instant Queue for many months, but thanks to my brother, I was finally pushed into watching 21 Jumpstreet. Boy, I couldn't be any happier.

For as long as there was Ryder, I've adored Depp. So, I have no clue why it took me ages to commit to this campy show. You had me at the introduction. One rocking jam and having a spray paint can spell out the show title? Only one word can possibly capture its essence; Scrumtrulescent.

("Say JUMP!" God this is good)

With a mixture of 80's pure drama and a dash of after school special, the first several episodes already have me feeling a growing addiction.

Oh, and the writing! Instantly quotable, especially where a teen is crying on a stairwell saying something along the lines of, "yeah, if you fail gym you have to miss the Eurthymics concert!" Also a mother reciting, "Come on, anorexia, dinner" to her daughter. Classic.

Even with the campy nature brought on by 20 years suspended in time, the show is dealing with issues about drugs and crime, and I find myself taking it seriously, with laughs in between.

Over the years there have always been stories about Depp wanting to escape the show to become a more serious actor, and not be drooled over by millions of teens as a Teen Bop coverboy. Well, people I think that boy is going to make it someday.

Everybody has to have a start somewhere and what a beginning it was.

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