Monday, February 14, 2011

Country Grammar (Grammys)

When it comes to award shows, I don't discriminate. Loving music is just as much in my blood as the love of movies, so of course I watched the epically long Grammy telecast (with a little flip back and forth action between this and the HILARIOUS Bob's Burgers). It was long (lasting until almost midnight), but oh so worth it.

What is really great about the Grammy award's in recent years, is the amount of actual awards handed out is minimal, and the show turns into just a giant concert. This is why I will mostly focus on the high amount of talent who performed live (for a full list of winners, take a jaunt ova' HERE)

First of all: the Avett Brothers! Without a doubt one of the most talented, amazing, mesmerizing, groups in music right now. Almost every day, in my world, is completely filled with their rock/blue grass tunes.

An incredible performance shared with Mumford and Sons, and then both groups joined Bob Dylan. It was almost missed, since I didn't even know this was going to happen. Glad I flipped back just in time, and was filled with shock as I saw them on screen. In my opinion, best performance of the night.

Secondly; as much as it pains me to admit, Gwyneth Paltrow joining Cee Lo and a bunch of muppets, for "Forget You", was definitely the other perfect performance of the night. Cee Lo, dressed as if Elton John created a giant rainbow peacock (this is a good thing), and even Gwyneth sounded great and looked pretty rad dancing on top of his piano. Basically, it looked like the most fun anyone could have. Enjoy the praise now Gwyneth, I doubt I will feel the same come her performance at the Oscars.

Thirdly, Arcade Fire had one hell of a night! They won Album Of The Year for their superb album The Suburbs. With a classic moment by Barbara Streisand stumbling through the announcement of, what everyone is calling, a "surprise win". Classic. I love when presenters obviously have no idea who the winner is. It's almost as good as Robert De Niro announcing "Diddy Dirty Money" on SNL.

At first I was really disappointed with how they only played "The Month Of May", but then my prayers were answered! After they won, the group bounded back on stage and closed out the show with "Ready To Start". Streisand was thrown off once again, she was all kinds of confused last night, and left people wondering; was this really an impromptu production?

Lastly, I was a little bummed about Lady Gaga. Her wild live performances are what took her from just another pop singer on the radio, to a true artist. These are what made me love her, because it proved that she could really belt out a tune. All the dancing didn't do it for me, and honestly, I'm just not really into that new song. Sure, "Born This Way" is catchy and has a positive message, but it's simply the "Just Dance" of her latest album (to be released in May) when I'm more interested in something that showcases her actual vocal talent.

(Additional note; Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, is having the Best Year ever! From somewhat obscurity in America to honoring Aretha with vocal powerhouses all in less than a year! Her rendition of "Think" was beyond incredible, which was only topped by Jennifer Hudson's "R.E.S.P.E.C.T".)

The Grammy awards have not brought it like they did last night in a long while. It turned out to be a very entertaining night.

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