Monday, February 14, 2011

P.S. I Loathe You

Nothing says Happy Valentines Day than a rant about, who I can proclaim is, the WORST movie character in film history.

Lovey-dovey movies have been all over the airwaves leading up to today. Of course, at one point this weekend, I had to find myself lazily in front of the TV, with nothing on except, wait for it, P.S. I Love You.

Notably regraded as a terrible movie, even garnering one whole star from whoever rates movies for Comcast, there is actually a lot to like. It's hilarious, because typical romance movies never get any love from me, but then I end up actually enjoying the ones that no one likes. What is that about?

First of all, it has a baller soundtrack (The Pogues, Camera Obscura, and an actual great song by Flogging Molly), secondly, a big section of the movie takes place in beautiful Ireland, and then there is Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kathy Bates (holler).

Although, there is something that takes any good and pushes it out the window. One character, all by himself, not only ruins every scene he walks into, but is so GOD awful you find yourself just wanting to punch him in the face. Never before have I felt so passionately against a movie character and it's all thanks to Daniel, played by Mr. Harry Connick Jr.

(This awkward scene is only the tip of the iceberg)

From the overly sarcastic comments at a funeral (where this exchange happens; Daniel: "So what did your husband die from?" Holly: "A brain tumor." Daniel: Nice!"), to everything that comes out of his mouth as he tries to woo Hilary Swank; nothing about that character makes sense. I get that he's supposed to be that awkward blunt guy, but really, it's not funny, and one thing I know for sure about myself is that I have a good sense of humor. Case in point; he's a jackass.

Not only the parts I love keep me tuning in, but I continue to watch this movie, because sometimes I can't believe that the character is included or was even written. Often, its very easy to just imagine that Connick is not even in the movie, and it would completely work if all his scenes were cut out, which is never a good sign. There could even be a twist where he's a ghost or a figment of Swank's imagination; anything else, even something truly absurd, would be better!

Harry Connick Jr., I got nothing against you, it's not your fault that something so terrible was written. Although, there would be a lot more to enjoy about this movie if you were not in it.

So, watch this or not, but everyone should probably witness this mess for themselves. Happy Valentines Day everybody!

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