Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nine Out Of Ten Ain't Bad

As I just insinuated in my post a quick minute ago, today is the biggest day for the movies; The Academy Awards!

Without anything really original to restate right now, I just wanted to do a quick note before I tune in to catch some fashion (PLEASE let someone do something crazy. Helena Bonham Carter, don't let me down!)

Mostly, because I am in an Audrey Hepburn mood, I merely wanted to post this picture of this incredible Givenchy number she wore to accept her Oscar, in 1954, for Roman Holiday. Utterly divine.

Although, I figured I should probably mention a little something about the awards today; here it goes!

It was surprising when I realized that this year I have seen a ton of the nominated film, including 9/10 in the Best Picture category (sorry, The Fighter). This absolutely never happens! It helps that the nominated films have been pulled from a diverse selection that were available to see all year. I'm usually renting these for months after the awards telecast.

Aside from the Best Picture contenders though, I also caught some films featured in the other categories, for example; Animal Kingdom, The Town, and the ridiculously creepy Dogtooth.

There are still a ton I wished I had seen by now (Rabbit Hole and Tangled) and one film that I am most excited to check out post Oscars is only nominated in the Best Original Screenplay category;  A New Year. I've had my eye on that one for awhile.

How will Anne Hathaway and James Franco fair as hosts? Will there be any surprise winners or genuine acceptance speeches? We'll all find out in a couple hours.

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