Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, Colin.

To the enjoyment of millions, one man has given many characters to the film world. From creepy men in mustaches, to different incarnations of Mr. Darcy (three times), and even a homosexual man who loves him some ABBA. Now, that man has an Oscar!

Throw some love up for Colin Firth, who, after working his ass off, is really hitting the big league!

After watching The Academy Awards on Sunday, I think the biggest triumph was the domination of The King's Speech. Everything about the film is really wonderful, and won in several categories that were not highly expected.  Not only did it end up walking away with Best Actor, but also Best Director and Best Picture. The only thing I wish it had also snagged was Best Cinematography, merely for the fact that the visual look of that movie is part of the reason I loved it so much. That foggy scene in the garden? Amazing.

Now back to Firth. Being a fan of his, since becoming a crazy movie fan-girl in middle school, I believe the only proper thing to do right now is a career retrospective, fittingly titled; Best-O-Colin.

Why do award shows always wait for people to die or become senile before they compile career montages?

It would be worthwhile when anyone wins an Oscar to have clips from their past playing behind them. When it comes to Colin, this would have been an amazing montage filled with wet shirts and LOTS of dancing. Too good.

Pride & Prejudice

In vain, I struggled to find another clip to represent this performance, but it can't be ignored when something has become defined, literally a pop culture icon, just by a certain scene.

Sure there are MANY others (my favorite is where Darcy hastily writes a letter to Elizabeth with an intense voice over), but everyone loves seeing Firth in a lake.

Bridget Jones's Diary (1&2)

THIS clip, of the fight scene from the original is truly the endlessly classic fight (embedded not allowed), but any time those two got together to throw a wimpy punch at each other, made for brilliant movie watching (and more wet shirts).

In both Bridget movies, Firth is enjoyable to watch, as he breaks through his serious side into the lovable and charming leading man.

What A Girl Wants

I definitely talk about this scene too much (verging on people thinking I'm crazy), but I will declare forever that this is one of the greatest pieces of work any actor has ever done.

Air Guitar. Leather Pants. We love him, because he is truly fearless.

Girl With A Pearl Earring

When recalling all of the movies from Firth's career, this one slipped my mind at first. Maybe because the role is something really different from other things he has done, although, it is by no means forgettable

It is a fabulous looking movie and something I remember really enjoying. Firth gives a very restrained performance as the painter, Vermeer. Now after thinking about this film today, I think I will be renting it again as soon as possible.

Love Actually

Besides Bridget Jones, Colin Firth does not take roles in many traditional romantic comedies. That was true until Love, Actually.  Adored by women worldwide, there is something about this movie that never will get old.

Is Colin Firth contractually obligated to always end up in a lake or be doused in water some way? For anyone keeping track, it would appear that the answer is, yes (see also: Mamma Mia!). That will have to do for a clip as all others are prohibited from embedding (unless you want one of the endless Love, Actually tribute videos).

When Did You Last See Your Father

I caught this wonderful film thanks to Netflix Instant watching capabilities about a year ago.

The film could easily be pushed aside as another father/son story, but the pairing of Firth and Jim Broadbent give it a spark and takes the story to another level. Character driven, emotional stories get me every time.

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! got a ton of crap when it was released, but not enough for the millions of fans world wide to even bat an eyelash.

Dollar signs piled up as people discovered that movies like this are what makes going to the theater fun. Who is going to say no to Meryl, embarrassingly catchy ABBA songs, Colin Firth in a sparkly 70's leotard, and general wonderment? Maybe Scrooges, but everyone else is having too much fun to care.

Recently on Inside The Actors Studio, in the infamous questionnaire segment, Firth claimed he wished God would greet him at the pearly gates giving him a pat on the back for Mamma Mia! I may not be God Colin, but if it counts, I rather enjoyed you in the movie, strumming away at the guitar reminiscent of John Denver.

A Single Man

Just the trailer is a piece of art, which bodes well for the rest of the movie. Firth gives one of my favorite performances of the last decade, and wonderfully led up to his big win on Sunday.

Honorable Mentions:  

Circle Of Friends (tune in for a great story, based on the beautifully written novel of the same name, and that creepy 'stash I alluded to in the intro), Then She Found Me (a simple, enjoyable movie, written and directed by Helen Hunt), Nanny McPhee (not just for kids, there is a lot to love about this creative and magical movie), and The Importance Of Being Earnest.

Also, we can't forget classy turns in Oscar winning films; The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love.

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