Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now & Then

(G-Ma Rita's "Banana" Posts + G-Ma Julie's Pin)
Perusing antique shops tops a list of the many ways I like to spend most afternoons. Any place crammed wall to wall with tacky whos-its and whats-its, and endless other treasures just waiting to be discovered, is a beacon to my eyes and will instantly draw me inside off of any sidewalk.

The thrill of the hunt rarely needs to be limited to shops already filled with belongings from strangers, sometimes the best booty can be gifted from your nearest and dearest.

I count myself lucky that throughout all of my 24 years on this planet (and hopefully for many years to come!), I have been able to have a life filled with grandparents. All of my parents' folks are still kickin' and I have been able to reap the benefits. Not only from their endless love and company, but I have tons of loot from digging through unwanted belongings in their own personal antique shops; their attics!

(Mom's 20-something scarf + clutch)
Family history and genealogy is fascinating, so I truly covet these items that used to belong to, mostly, my grandmothers. Over the years many of these things have become all time favorite pieces; from my "banana" shaped post earrings (or so I hear they look like bananas) and floral tea cups, to a gold floral pin (perfect for jazzing up boring dresses), and a clutch that, even after fifty years, still has a lil' sparkle left in-crested on the lace fabric. Even my mom has begun gifting things to me, including, a purple checkered scarf she picked up in Europe during the 70's.

To me, anything with a story, or just having the knowledge that it was owned by someone you love, makes any item just more special every time you wear it or have it near. It's a little representation of a person, a memory. (Side Note: This is how people become hoarders.)

(Great G-Ma's clutch)
Recently a possession, other than clothing and jewelry, was passed along into my safe keeping;  I now hold  my great-grandmothers recipes. All the secrets to the recipes of yore, neatly transcribed from a typewriter onto note cards, and placed, quite handily, in this great handcrafted wooden box.

Being a baking/cooking fiend as well, I couldn't ask for more in this memorable gift. The contents from this box runs the gamut, from an epic chocolate cake that my G-Ma makes for my birthday to "Overnight Layered Green Salad". Yeah...those folks from the 50's and 60's lived on various kinds of salads.

After testing out one tasty treat this past weekend (a Banana cake that got gobbled down in about 24 hours), I had an idea for a new mission: whenever I need to bring a food item to a party, I will be pulling a index card from this box. In the next weekend I will get my first chance to test this idea out, as we celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday.

Whatever you love most, out of all those possessions we own, live it up with it in whatever way you can. Someday that story will live on and someone will cherish just knowing it was owned by you.

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