Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch Of The Week: Frankenstein +...Cher?

It has already been established that I am extremely late to the game on an American cultural icon; The X-Files.

As I continue breezing through the series (just starting season 5), I needed to pause for a minute between episodes to acknowledge something that, just might be, the best thing ever.

Season five of the series gives us all a gift, an episode that still makes me wonder; how could anyone imagine something THAT good?

An homage to the famous novel by Mary Shelley and an old-timey scary movie, complete with the added touch of filming the episode in black and white, "Post Modern Prometheus" follows the agents as they investigate a modern day Dr. Frankenstein-type creation, that is reeking havoc on a small town.

Oh yeah, so what makes this so special, you ask? Well, the monster can often be found creeping into houses and busting out old Cher records. Yes, CHER. I wish I had thought of this.

(I hate...or rather LOATHE Youtube tribute videos...although this one sums up the episode quite well)

Never has "Gypsy, Tramps, and Thieves" been better than accompanied by an alleged monster dancing up a flight of stairs. Of course (and a brilliant touch by the writers), he also has an affinity for the movie Mask, and has a Cher shrine in his barn. Who doesn't love Mask? But seriously, he can really relate.

Since Cher impersonators are a dime a dozen, it was probably easy to fill the part for the "live" Cher performance at the end. Although, I was still crossing my fingers that she would actually make an appearance.

Apparently, the show asked her to play herself, and she declined. Here is a video where Cher declares her remorse on this decision. I would probably smack myself in the face too.

Everything about this episode is perfect, from the visual look, down to every single actor playing the looney town folk.

Although, what is better than actually ending the episode at a Cher concert? Murder, weird births, who cares! It is completely absurd, but it doesn't matter because all we want to see is Mulder and Scully take the monster under their wing to show him all the great things life has to offer; including Cher up close and personal.

Finally being able to see his idol live, this man-made science project really busts a move, as "Cher" croons her cover of "Walking In Memphis". I nearly died when this song started; I lived too much of my life not aware that Cher had covered Marc Cohn.

Die hard X-Files fans, I get you, there is reason for your fandom. What other type of show could possibly have the balls to make something like this?

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