Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trailer Wars: Turn The Page

Great stories are crucial to the making of any excellent film, and more often than not, those intriguing stories are pulled from the minds of novelists and placed onto the screens of movie theaters everywhere.

Whether everyone agrees or not, this trend will only continue, especially as movie creativity dwindles (2011 will have the highest amount of movie sequels ever released), and there are millions of ready-made ideas between the pages of our favorite novels just awaiting their time on the silver screen.

Are the film versions of books always good? No, of course not, and if they are lucky, the film will capture a morsel of the impact of the original book. This is why fans of certain books become overwhelmed by anger when word travels down about a film version being released.

There are many examples, but in recent memory, the movie version of The Lovely Bones stands out. Even though the always extraordinary Stanley Tucci was, once again on point (creepy mustache and all), there was something just not right, almost a weird feel, about that adaptation.

It also works both ways, where even if you haven't read a novel, you can still love/hate a film version and it could lead to an interest in reading the book. After thoroughly enjoying the Sean Penn directed, Into The Wild, several years ago, I recently finished the incredible non-fiction investigation by Jon Krakauer, in which the film was based.

How will the numerous adaptions being released in 2011 fare according to fans? That is to be determined, however, within the next couple weeks it will be put to the test as two celebrated novels (a classic, and a modern best seller) get the movie treatment:

Jane Eyre

Since high school, Jane Eyre was on the top of my must read books, but it took me until this past summer to finally commit. Sometimes those 19th century British novels are intimidating. Even though I love Jane Austen's style, sorthing through that old fashioned language is not always fun to do while trying to lounge in the sun.

First of all, I shouldn't have just assumed Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre would be the same, because Eyre turned out to be a much easier read with an unexpected dark and creepy story. Don't be intimidated; lesson learned.

There are already several film versions of Jane Eyre, but this is the first one to peak my interest. Judging just by the trailer, the movie appears to definitely capture the spooky nature of the novel. That tone, well, and the whole romance thing, is what makes it a true page turner.

Mia Wasikowska is on fire, with one classic part after another, plus the guy playing Rochester is already starting to heat up the pages of many-a-magazine as the hot guy to watch.

Water For Elephants

I want to live in this movie trailer; everything about it is mesmerizing, from the 1930s/40s theme, to the costumes, to the Titanic feeling story (potential spoiler alert: one of them dies, am I right?)

Apparently, just about everyone in America has read this novel, or so I am told. As of right now, I have no plan to ever read this book, but, man, I badly want to see this movie.

Apparently, I should do a side project where I write a whole other blog just dedicated to the circus, based on the fact that, for some reason, this topic comes up a lot. If I believed in past lives (do I? Maybe.), I'm pretty sure that my past involved running away to join the circus where I became a performer who rode elephants. If this were true, it would definitely explain a lot.

The only thing that bugs me about this lush looking movie, is the coupling of Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson. Maybe I should do my research; is she supposed to be that much older than him?

Look for both of these films soon: Jane Eyre on March 11th and Water For Elephants on April 22nd.

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