Monday, April 4, 2011

Every Day, You Say?

One would think that a restful sleep will always come to those who are watched over by The Jonas Brothers.

Or so I imagine this is true for millions of children and teenagers.

For two nights I was in a 10-year-old's world once again, but even a giant poster of  Nick peering down from a wall, with his curly mop and cherub-like face, couldn't wisk me into a deep slumber.

Vacation, sleepovers, whatever the situation, sleeping in a new place is never a good thing for my beauty rest.

Snuggling into my cousins' bed over the weekend, as I was doing a little house sitting/dog watching, in a room where Miley Cyrus, Taylor Lautner (my detective work confirms that she's def Team Jacob) and the Jo-Bros' can be found plastering the walls, made me for the first time, feel, oh so very, OLD.

This may sound like I am bitter, however it is more accurate that I find it be hilarious. Growing older really isn't too shabby, and it's fun to be immersed in a younger culture every once and awhile; keeps us all young.

Dear cousin: Thanks for the hospitality. P.S. I loved your dolphin pillow pet. Am I too old for one of those?

[Always A Lovely Job: Puppy Sitting]
Other than an entertaining anecdote on how I spent my weekend, there is really no purpose for the sharing of that tale! However, I will admit it being a necessary addition, because of my lacking in producing writing, of any sort, over the last month. Really, grasping for anything right now.

Several weeks ago I committed myself (as in I dictated: "Hey Justine, do this") to participate in this  BEDA (Blog Every Day In April) business, and thought I missed my chance having been gone for the weekend. Au contraire, being only the 4th, I just decided to catch up and post a bunch of nonsense all in one day!

Deadlines or challenges get me motivated, so watch out for lots of  random delights; this weekend was packed full of inspiration.

April 1st (dramatic check mark)!

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