Monday, April 4, 2011

Find Me In The Side Car

This past weekend was not just full of longing glances at posters of teen celebrity sensations (y'all get the "sarcastic" bit I'm trying to do right? Okay, great!), but it also turned into a time of discovering a magnificent blast from the past.

In between finally seeing, and LOVING every minute of Arsenic and Old Lace with my Grandma (who was fit to be tied that I had never seen that Cary Grant classic), we were given another gift courtesy of this newfangled thing they call, "The Cooking Channel"; a treasure chest filled with late 90's nostalgia, The Two Fat Ladies.

Two Fat Ladies, it has been too long! How I missed your motorcycle, side-car, and nearly symphonic banter.

Now I just need this Food Network 2.0 at my own house and life will be set.

On Saturday, while waiting for SNL with Mr. Elton John, the episode that aired featured both elephants and an apple pandowdy, for crying out loud!

The two ladies zoomed in on their motorbike to go on safari at an elephant habitat, and to cook the workers a meal. What followed made me wish that Clarissa and Jennifer would just follow me around all day, talking about butter, singing the Andrew Sisters, and miming elephant movements.

Lets all be sure to carrrress (emphasis on the rolling R) our pans properly with butter the next time we bake.

What happened to them? After not thinking about it for years, now I'm honestly worried.

Hopefully wherever they may be, these two broads are just cooking their buns off, telling stories, and sticking to loving who they are; it is what makes them truly wonderful.

Blog for April 2nd (another dramatic check mark)!

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