Sunday, May 1, 2011

Character Love: Tami Taylor

Ten-gallon hat wearing, tough guy ranchers, are not the only inhabitants of Texas; what about the ladies?

With her consistently chipper, "Hey y'all" attitude ringing through the halls of Dillon High, Tami Taylor exudes the perfect opposing force to all those big men in Texas. However, don't let that cheerful, helpful exterior fool you, ladies in Texas can hold their own-do her wrong, and she will end you with a force stronger than the average tornado.

Tons of women on TV are still one dimensional. After all these years, the television landscape has progressed a little past the "June Clever housewife" mentality, but for every smart woman on TV, there are a millions who are simply depicted as a one-note female stereotype; a bitch, a "slut", a workaholic, etc. There are lots of sides to every person-no one is simple.

Maybe this is why the excellent writing, in general, on Friday Night Lights is so refreshing. Every character, from the grandma down the street to a main character, like Tami Taylor, gets the well rounded treatment, which makes you honestly care about everyone in that world. It continually baffles me; how do they do it?

[We love Mrs. Taylor, and so does the brilliant lady who gets to play her]

Connie Britton, who plays Tami, tackles those well executed stories, and has made her character into someone we love watching week after week.

She is a wife to the coach of their high school football team (this town doesn't need William and Kate, they have their own royalty), a mother, high school counselor/Principal, but she also speaks her mind, stands up for the greater community, and fights for everyone who comes in her path.

From single-handedly standing up to the male dominated football coaching staff, getting fired for giving a girl "unplanned parenthood" advice, and wrangling one crazy-ass teenage daughter of her own-Tami has basically faced it all. Really though, it's nothing a glass of white wine couldn't fix. Oh, Tami loves her wine.

When Friday Night Lights is off the air, the developing stories of the folks in Dillon will be missed, but whenever you need to see Tami sticking it to someone, all while maintaining a cool smile, there is always reruns.

NBC is currently airing Friday Night Lights last season-look for it Friday nights at 8.

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