Friday, April 29, 2011

Trailer Wars: Back At It

Are you an early riser, who stays up way too late? If your me, 5:00 a.m. rolls around, eyes will barely crack open, and staring at the ceiling, you solemnly make a vow, "tonight...tonight, I'll go to bed at a proper time!" This vow has yet to be kept.

Why must I fight going to bed at a decent time? Well, apparently Netflix devotees, insomnia is one of the first signs of Instant Streaming Syndrome. My late nights are not always the cause of the amazing offerings of Netflix, but it has been the case before. Just one more episode of Friday Night Lights I'll say-cue to three hours later. Whoops!

However, from a list of symptoms detailed on Gawker, it is ultimately outdated pop culture knowledge that has built up an immunity in my body over the last several years, and is now a part of me.

Basically, if I didn't restrain myself, this blog would have had its name changed to "The Lone Gunmen" months ago. More than likely this change would have included a cheesy, HTML generated dancing alien, and serious documentation of hilarious Mulder and Scully tete-a-tete's. I want to be this cool-however, I will hold off.

So far there is no cure, and even more old TV shows get added to Netflix daily! Already I have lined up to re-watch Twin Peaks (they have the pilot which my DVD collection is missing!), Veronica Mars, and still trying to finish Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

The biggest fatality to all of this; movie watching. Begrudgingly, my best picture challenge went up in smoke the week of the Oscars. I haven't even felt like watching any movies, but that's going to change this weekend!

To get back in the mood for classic cinema, here is something for inspiration; the trailer to a best picture winner I am really looking forward to finally seeing.

Ordinary People, won the gold in 1980, and I was pleased to find a thematic and suspenseful trailer, which only made me want to kick this challenge back into gear. All I need to do is get through the 60's and 70's; proper inspiration instilled!

Let us not forget the reason we all signed up for Netflix in the first place-the movies!

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