Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trailer Wars: Tired Bits

(Comedic bits that is.)

When I decided to detail the limited highlights of the summer movie season, Larry Crowne did not make the cut, frankly because I forgot about it.

Hanks. Fantastic always. Roberts. Nice to see her face on screen, like the good old days. In a world full of disposable twenty something actors, and Twilight mania, it is rather refreshing to see a film with beloved movie stars.

Hitting the screens this Friday, Larry Crowne follows Hanks, as a man who was recently fired from his job, and in this economy, heads to college to earn his degree. Roberts is his teacher at the community college, and romance blooms. Cue the "woooo" cheers bellowing from the audience of a taping of Saved By The Bell- You know, when anyone kissed.

All and all not the makings of a timeless classic, but even I will admit, Hanks will make me see anything (almost anything-not even that Hanks charm could make The Ladykillers watchable).

Roberts as a booze hound teacher and Hanks as a lovable schlub is ultimately amazing, but at the end of the trailer, a travesty occurs. Any movie that puts heavy comedic weight on a tired, overused bit, gives me serious doubts.

Seriously, you lost me with the peep hole.

No joke? Dancing in front of a peep hole? Does anyone still bust their gut on that gag? Sometimes, one scene can cheapen an entire movie.

I am still fighting back the cringing look on my face-it actually makes me embarrassed for all who were involved. If that is the funniest thing to include in a movie trailer, there is trouble-a-brewing.

However, I don't really see this as one of those laugh a minute comedies, and more as an endearing little story, so I will try and put aside my grievances and let it slide. Only for you Hanks-Jennifer Lopez would not be so lucky.

Don't have a problem with, "I can see you looking like an ass through this magic device in my door" comedy? Look for Larry Crowne this July 4th weekend.

I'll be waiting to check this out in the comfort of my own home.

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