Friday, June 24, 2011

With a face like that....

While the musical lovin' kids on The Glee Project were belting their souls out last Sunday, there was something picking at my brain that I just couldn't shake.

Every time Ellis, the spunky girl with the jazzy voice, came onto the screen, it would hit me; where else have I seen that face? [Have no idea what I'm talking about? Check out her Youtube channel]

For several nights, I tossed and turned in turmoil, and finally, as if within a dream, it came to me at work today: Ellis and Richie, one of the most crucial film characters in history, are long lost fraternal twins!

For those that have been watching The Glee Project, you're welcome-all your minds can finally be put to rest. It's still kind of freaking me out. TWINS, I tell you!

Is it mean to compare a girl, with the looks of a boy? First, of all no-it's an honor to be associated with anything Teen Witch (Blake Lively was lucky to be born into that royal family).

Plus, Richie is rad and they share the same hilarious and crazy mannerisms. It's ultimately more crushing to the actor who plays Richie, as he has the twinge of femininity, with that rounded face and long eyelashes, that really causes the similarities. Or is it just the hair?

It was sad to see Ellis get shown the door last week. None of the rest of those kids seem to have as much flair!

Keep up that talent Ellis, but don't let any witches near you-it is possible that you will bust out into a full on rap sequence.

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