Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Buffet: All Work & No Play...Brings In The Dough

Gone (for now) are the days of having hours on end to gloriously waste-Watch a marathon of lifetime movies? Don't mind if I do! Blast music all day, while perusing the endless enjoyment of blogs, news sites, and Sporcle? Heck, you go for it!

Being a girl who enjoys her entertainment fix, I have had to make some serious adjustments, as my waking hours of freedom are slim, with barely enough time to eat dinner, catch up a little on my correspondents, and watch some Trebek.

Movies are generally out (too much time!), but I am discovering plenty of ways to fit quality, yet quick, spurts of music, tv, and books into a daily routine.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Half hour television shows are the best for a busy schedule. With the beauty of fast forward (or with commercial's removed on DVD's) these episodes are cut down, and nearly three can be enjoyed in an hour! Or just watch one, and walk away with zero commitment, unlike a two hour movie.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has been a favorite over the past month-the fast passed, crazy antics of this gang, will fill anyone's laugh quotient for a day.


Idol worship of technology can be left to those who relish every word of Steve Jobs, but when it comes to Ipod's, I become one of them. This summer, and other summers before (my comrades at the factory can relate), my Ipod becomes a savior.

Playing some music can jazz up just about any situation-and having a job that allows music playing devices is fantastic. It's like working, but also having secret fun between your headphones and ears.

Just like most afternoons, when mania starts to break out, I put some Robyn on and the office morphs into a European Discotheque. No one else can tell what I'm grooving to, but I'm having a blast. 

The fun of portable music devices in general is the guessing game-hey, I wonder what they are listening to? Sometimes, the results are surprising. Like when I get caught, and mocked, listening to some BSB...

The Sun Also Rises-Ernest Hemingway

A book is something I always carry around in my purse; most of them are compact, and you never know when there will be some time to kill!

Forcing myself to read outside while on breaks at work has been a huge success. I am cranking through all kinds of books every week, and it's a good way to get your head out of the stress of work for a bit. 

Catching up on the classics over the last couple of years, has meant a lot of Hemingway, and his vivid stories detailing  the sprawling land in Europe, has been the perfect way to relax the mind and daydream away.

True Blood (New Season Premiering On Sunday)

Remember, in the beginning, when it was all about Bill-well, it if that preview proves anything, it's that it is finally all about Eric.  

True Blood-which nearly had me walking last year-looks like it will be back into full swing, and will make you forget all about the terribly planned out season of last summer.

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