Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Buffet: British Invasion

First of all: same blog, different name. Since I never was too fond of the original title (more like, "quick make a blog, what should it be called" kind of deal), I'm testing out some new ideas and see where it goes!

Secondly, it's mid-week! Sadly, there hasn't been that many updates from last Wednesday. Sitting at a computer for 10 hours a day at work, makes typing on my own computer less appealing every waking minute. However, I'm pushing myself, and blogging is the fun kind of computer work.

This weeks buffet of entertainment; culture from across the pond:

Downton Abbey

Unless a butler working in a large mansion is involved, a movie or book is simply not British. This standard of stories, involving the aristocracy and common working class, has never been more exciting than in the 2010 BBC production, Downton Abbey.

The 7-part mini-series, follows the prominent family living at Downton estate, and their staff of maids, butlers, and footmen. What makes this tale notable, is that both the workers and the family are intergral to the plot.

There is as much drama brewing in the upstairs library as there is being cooked up in the downstairs kitchen. At first it seems like just another miniseries airing on PBS, highlighted by the appearance of Maggie Smith, but just wait for an hour into the first episode and things get gasp worthy. Discussion on Mr. Bates and Anna to follow. (Instantly Streaming on Netflix)

Marina & The Diamonds

The current craze of British female singers pushing onto the forefront of American culture is starting to get on my nerves. Earlier this year, for two weeks in a row, sub-par female singers, striking big in London (Jessie J, and Ellie Goulding) were the musical guests on SNL. I, like the rest of America, asked-who? Which then, once they performed, turned to, who cares?

They are not all terrible, but there is just so many of them trying to follow the success of Adele in a short period of time! After each one has been endlessly recommended to me on Last FM, over the last couple  of months, one newer British songstress stands out.

Marina & The Diamonds released her first EP in 2010, and is only second to Ellie Golding in popularity over in the UK. Her name drives me cuckoo (her fans are "the diamonds". Barf.), but she has some snappy 80's pop, and addicting beats, with a voice slightly reminiscent of Regina Spektor. Now that I think about it, the name gives me the vibe of Donna and The Dynamos, so in the end, it's all right by me. 

Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro

At first, it seemed vitally important to read the novel before the 2010 feature film ,starring Carey Mulligan was released. Things don't always work out as planned, and it finally came into the library last week!

When it is not always the best to read a novel after seeing a film version, this story still has enough details and mystery, not to mention that it is wonderfully written, so that the book can still be absorbing even after knowing the big plot twists.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Allegedly, according to the epic commercials, this show riveted the people of Britain before barreling onto American TV. Lets all thank them for sharing a real gem. For those not in the know, the show follows the dwindling culture of Gypsies around Europe and their various celebrations.

Weddings, first communions, and various parties are the highlights. Their partying puts the gang from Jersey Shore to shame. I have three words for you; Lighted. Wedding. Dresses. There is nothing else to say except-magic.

Also: Currently, the BBC has many shows On Demand. The Graham Norton Show? Genius.

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