Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Buffet

It's mid week again! That means I'm going to throw around a bunch of things that have been keeping me entertained this week.

We're almost to the weekend,  it's June 1st, and it's BBQ day at work tomorrow. Yes, please!

Fleetwood Mac

As much as I hate to admit it, Glee, with their Rumours inspired episode about a month ago, reminded me that Fleetwood Mac is Bad Ass.

Since then, their greatest hits have been keeping me entertained at work. So much so, I even got busted by this dreamy dude-he laughed as I subconsciously grooved in my seat to, "Everywhere", "Say You Love Me", and, of course, "Gypsy", just to name a few.  Oh, people can see me? Embarrassing.

Twin Peaks

Growing up my parents were very liberal about the arts-as my memory strikes, there wasn't much we weren't allowed to watch, listen to, or read. I loved this about them, and appreciate it even more now, as they introduced me to a lot of really cool stuff that I wouldn't know about otherwise. 

There are several exceptions that I do remember, however; as much as I demanded it, they stopped me from renting The Hand That Rocks The Cradle in elementary school (for some reason I REALLY wanted to see that), sent us upstairs when they wanted to watch Silence Of The Lambs, and even though I tried to sneak out of my bedroom, my dads favorite TV show, on several occasions ended up giving me nightmares. His favorite show being the quintessential, mind bending series; Twin Peaks.

It's been several years since the last time I watched the series, and since it's available free on Netflix, I started revisiting it this week. The throwback fashion (an interesting mix of 90's small-town Northwest and 1950's diner), snappy background music,  and every unique character, make the murder mystery of Laura Palmer still memorable.

If you haven't seen it, get there soon. Sometimes I just like watching the dreamlike intro to the show. Also, shout out to TV shows actually filmed in our own backyard.

Now I just need to go find myself a great piece of pie.

Summer Weather and Summer Clothes

Yesterday, Washington weather was unrecognizable to me: Sun for the morning, yet thunder and gloomy skies towering over the mountains, and sticky humidity, topped off with a monsoon caliber thrashing of rain. Ultimately, I felt like I was on the East Coast or Mid West in the middle of August. How much is it to ask for 70 degrees and a clear sunny day?

According to Seattle weather God, Steve Pool, that perfect sounding day may be here by Saturday!

Lead me to the sun and beaches. Often at work, I daydream away, as my fingers strike the keyboard- all I really want to be doing is sitting under the sun in my hat and dresses. All summer. That's it.

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