Monday, June 6, 2011

Trailer Wars: Summer Roundup

Sequels, a crop of comic book movies, and talented actors making terrible movie choices (Jason Bateman. We need to talk.) are the signal to one time of year: summer movie season!

Does this sound familiar? I feel like I'm a broken record these days, but the selection of exciting and well done mainstream movies seem to dwindle more and more each summer. While I thoroughly laughed my ass off at Bridesmaids, as the summer months wage on, the selection of movies worth the $10+ admittance price slowly plummets into the abyss of trash.

Even though the selection could be better, one surprise for this summer is that I'm actually really psyched to see several movies that wouldn't normally even register on my radar. Last year, it was really just all about Toy Story 3. Yup, all summer, that's all I saw.

In the past several months, I have already referenced a few bright spots in the summer releases, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and the newly crowned Palm D'Or at Cannes, The Tree Of Life, and to add to those, here are a few more that could make this summer a memorable time at the movies:

X-Men: First Class and Captain America

Not to discriminate against big action, comic book, type movies, but its really just the extreme quantity of them (nearly one a week!) that verges on annoying. While, first off, my interests generally are not drawn to this kind of movie , I have been known to enjoy several from time to time, and, as I mentioned before, a couple coming out this summer have my interest peaked.

Minus January Jones, this "first class" comic book reboot features a strong cast of interesting actors; you had me at Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy (and important note: look for Tucci in Captain America)

Not to mention, history nerd's unite, both Captain America and and X-Men fight their battles on the backs of two crucial times in our history (WWII and The Cuban Missile Crisis, respectively). Beefing up a story with a historical backdrop can make a comic book movie truly epic.

Others may not really care, so, I'll also really enjoy those action scenes and...bombs.

Super 8

Spielberg and aliens go hand in hand-and while the trailer for Super 8 is mysterious, we know a space ship will be zooming onto the screen somehow, someway! All that is really known for sure, follows a groups of kids in a small town who capture an extraordinary event on a Super 8 camera; everything else is left to the imagination.

That curiosity for all things Spielberg (he's a producer for the film) will get an audience to the theater.  He has hands down been the mind behind the entire definition of the summer movie (Jaws and Indiana Jones, just to name a few). The man following in his footsteps, Super 8's director J.J Abrams (of Star Trek and Lost fame), is steering right on course cranking out the event of the summer.

Side Note: Kyle Chandler in a Sheriff uniform is always welcome.

Meeks Cutoff

Onto the smaller end of movies: After years of reading about director Kelly Reichardt, I finally took the time to watch the emotionally gripping tale of a lost young woman and her dog-Wendy and Lucy.  

Meeks Cutoff, once again, reunites Reichardt and her muse Michelle Williams, wondering around rural Oregon. This time, however, the setting is the distant past, following a group of early settlers venturing into the great west, and their struggles along the way.

Another Earth

Another small film out of this years festival circuit, asks a question that has, kind of, been blowing my mind since I watched the trailer several weeks ago; what if there was another Earth? Another Earth, just like this one, with another you walking around?

Think about that for awhile, and then you'll be where I am right now.

Good job with the alluring trailers Hollywood! It seems like gone are the days of revealing an entire movie in a two minute snip it. Even though there are some crafty clues in that preview, and I already have some ideas a-brewing.

Page One: Inside The New York Times

Did I mention I want to be a journalist? This could be a snooze to anyone else on the free Earth, but hey, lets mix it up, people. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The end of an era-fin.

Other noted, good lookin', flicks : Our Idiot Brother and The Help

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