Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trailer Wars: It's Contagious!

No one is immune TO FEAR, according to the trailer for the latest production from Steven Soderbergh.

Previously he has brought audiences a frolic in Vegas with Brad Pitt and George Clooney (lets all pretend that Oceans 12 and 13  are tied to an anchor in a far off sea, and never saw the light of day), and then some strange movies which peaked my interests, but soon became films I actively avoided (specifically that creepy movie about a doll factory, Bubble). Still, this guy has serious street cred from the film community.

Which is why it is disconcerting that Contagion is already being toted as Outbreak 2.0. Although, there is a monkey! Marcel is that you, still getting work?

I'm not too quick to designate this thriller as "just another" disaster-esq movie. Judging from the more recent collection of his films, Soderbergh seems to be trying to take films in unexpected places. Plus, this kind of cast (Winslet. Damon. Cranston. Paltrow. Cottilard.), many coming from the Oscar pedigree, would never sign up for that kind of mess.

For me, it's all laid out in the trailer; there isn't even going to be a virus-it will all be in our minds!

Will the film simply be some statement on how we all have become crazed maniacs as the media continually perpetuates fear? Possibly. Spooky or some M Night Shyamalan trick? Either way, all this predicting is only making this film more enticing.

By the by, if I'm totally barking up the wrong tree (which happens when making life or death statements about the plots of films), I'll give anyone who's anger about my wrongness causes them to turn green and get all muscly, a crisp one-dollar bill. Yes, I really know how to take risks.

Check out Contagion, in theaters October 21.

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