Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Character Love: Max Gregson

When it comes to supportive husbands and fathers featured on television, all hail the beacon of light that is Mr. Max Gregson.

In Max's world, he and his two teenage kids awake every morning not knowing which form of their wife/mother will greet them.

Will June Cleaver-esq Alice be cooking up some hot cakes? Or maybe puberty stricken T will have crashed a car? With any luck, motorcycling, PBR swigging, ladies man, Buck won't have escaped on a rampage through the cities local bars.

On the best day, though, only one person will be there wishing them good morning; the mother they know best, Tara.

In any case, whichever alter personality Tara (the endlessly perfect Toni Collette) takes on, Max (dreamy John Corbett) stands strong and will be there to bring her back home. How can you not adore that? Oh, to count the ways of Max's loveliness.

[Heart. Breaker.]

As much as Collette is the wonderful star of The United States Of Tara, with her astounding transformation between (up to) seven different characters in one episode, Corbett is the base that ties each episode together. Max is the dependable parent and when Tara's world spins out of control he sticks around to man the trenches, as they both search to resolve her problems, which are deeply hidden inside.

Still controversial, three years later, (even after its recent cancellation), The United States of Tara had the guts to craft an emotional/comical show about mental illness, in a time when, for some reason, discussing mental illness is our countries latest "hush-hush" topic.

Ultimately, this little article should be "Show Love", because, as much as I love everything Corbett and the character he plays, all of the above about this Showtime gem is addicting. If you haven't already, give this show a chance!

Even though the series officially finished up several months ago, just this minute, I venture to watch the Series Finale. Season Three has kicked me in the ass emotionally; why must shows say goodbye just as their excellence continues to sky rocket?

We'll say goodbye to The Gregsons and wish them well on this little journey called life, with a guarantee that Max will stick by his gal and continue jaming to some Air Supply.

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