Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Buffet: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Summer is in full swing around the Pacific Northwest, and with a bright-red sun toasted back I present the high-class entertainment of the week.

Breaking Bad-Season Four

Haven't caught up on the adventures of Walt, Jesse, and big bags of Meth? Season four has just begun, and it is not just a suggestion, but more of an insistence, to catch up as soon as possible. 

Easily one of the most well crafted and intense television shows to ever hit the air, as the series continues on , each episode blows the previous one out of the water. Shocks and surprises galore, but at the heart is the struggle of a guy just trying to help his family and make it through daily life in any (be it extreme) way possible. 

It is with that mode of survival that drove Walt to the cooking of drugs, in the first place, and has now learned that once you break into the drug business it's hard to shake it off.


While the likes of Britney and Katy Perry battle it out for the song of the summer, may I steer you in another direction; my vote for album of the summer comes from Cults.

This Brookyln duo's freshman release hasn't left my head for the last month.  Mixtures of just the right amount of 1960's doo-wop, modern dance beats, and the haunting lead vocals, this group will keep the people grooving around all summer.

The snappy, dreamlike tune, "You Know What I Mean", is a favorite, and not just because it belongs with James and Donna in Twin Peaks.

David Sedaris-Me Talk Pretty One Day

Re-reading through the collection of Mr. Sedaris is always highly suggested, except for while hanging around strangers. Maybe this is not a huge problem for everyone, but for folks that enjoy a good chuckle, like myself, when something is hilarious you just can't hide it. 

Literally laughing out loud, so much that your body shakes, while sitting around coworkers staring at their Kindles, will definitely lead to some side-eyed stares. Now you're the crazy girl at work.

Apparently some people are capable of holding in their laughter, a talent I will never master. The thing about anything written by Sedaris is that the one-liners creep up on you. An entirely normal sentence in a story will all of a sudden take a turn and blare out comments his sister Amy yelled on a train or any insertion he recalls about his mother, and I'll lose it.

Once I've finished this book, I'll take to bringing more serious, literary tales along with me, or just duck outside to laugh to my hearts content.

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