Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Buffet: This Time Around

Labor Day weekend is upon us, I have somehow managed to make it to the next round of America's Next Top Temp, and there are a lot of goods to enjoy this week!

The Big C

Now in its second season, Laura Linney and company continue to thrive in a show that is equally driven by a heartbreaking story about cancer and the hilarious makings of everyday life. 

It gets more addicting every week, plus Parker Posey and Hugh Dancy have requiring roles this season-bitchin'.

Seattle City Arts Festival

Labor day weekend normally has me clamoring for Bumbershoot, but not this year, as it is slowly becoming a joke of a musical festival, and more importantly, I will be far too busy Hansoning.

Eyes can now be more clearly directed to...October? Yes that's right, Seattle has a new premier music festival, which spans four days throughout the cities extensive large and intimate concert venues.

Dreams will be complete with finally catching a dance party with Robyn, and  an all time favorite, Ryan Adams! The word stoked does not even come close to capturing this excitement.

The Pearl - John Steinbeck

Looking for a quick read of a classic you somehow missed out on during all those school girl (or boy) years? 

This Steinbeck interpretation of a folk tale, will have you turning page after page so quickly, that somehow it is two hours later, the book is finished, and you wish there was more. 

Well, this was true for a first time reader like myself. How did I miss out for so long? Better late than never.

Netflix Watch-O-The Week: Mac & Me

Endlessly mocked for an epic scene involving a wheelchair diving off a cliff, Mac and Me is just one of those terrible, yet hilarious, movies that needs to be seen.

Glorious editing, special effects, and did I mention, top notch alien costuming, all makes this film not at all dated-it is a timeless masterpiece that belongs in the Smithsonian. 

Basically this film was way ahead of its time, as it solved the immigration problems twenty years ago; in the end of the movie the interplanetary beings become American Citizens, no questions asked. So, U.S. Government, what is the hold up?

Who else grew up with this movie? This E.T. rip off, used to slightly scare/depress me as a child (the baby alien gets separated from his family!) , and now it is just the perfect makings for a night of laughing until your stomach hurts.

Streaming Instantly to a television near you.

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