Monday, August 29, 2011

Heat Wave Flicks: Fried Green Tomatoes

If there were ever a time for me to prove myself as an uber woman, it would be now.

Only recently did I realize that an exceeding amount of my favorite summery feeling movies are utterly incredible chick flicks. Using that term lightly, as "chick flick", generally equates to any movie starring a predominately female cast and has a negative connotation.

Well, if these movies on the top of my list are deemed lady movies, and liking them is wrong, then I don't want to be right!

So let's get on with it, and join the folks of the deep south as they enjoy sticky summer nights, late night swims, charming bee's, and chowing down on those world famous, Fried Green Tomatoes.

Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates), a vision in one terrible floral sweat suit after the other, is having a major case of the sads; her children have moved on, her husband would rather drink beer than look at her, and she sits around eating candy bars all day.

While this may be a splendid time for some, she wants more out of life, and discovers the will to live after befriending Lillian (adorable Jessica Tandy), an old woman in a retirement home.

In great detail, the mysterious Lillian recounts the story of the people in Whistle Stop, Mississippi during the 1930s, and most specifically, the friendship of Idgie (Mary Stuart Masterson) and Ruth (Mary Louise Parker).

Through events of losing family members (ah, this tragic death scene early in the film gets me every time!), abusive husbands, and a murder investigation, Idgie and Ruth form a bond and start up the Whistle Stop Cafe, where their famous fried cooking is the inspiration for the title of the movie (and the book).

Not only does this movie showcase another of my most adored movie scenes (Towanda's losing it!), but it is just a fantastic and timeless story about life and friendship. Each time I watch this movie, it takes me back to all the previous times I have had a fun filled night watching it with friends and family.

If I could give this movie a hug I would, and hopefully, if you haven't seen this, you will watch it and feel like throwing your arms around it as well.

[Side Note: With an abundance of tomatoes growing in my yard, I will soon be attempting some fried green tomatoes. Where else would I look for a recipe, than from the southern, heir to the thrown of butter!  These look real good.]

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