Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy Hangover

It has to be said that there are plenty of things to report from last nights Emmy extravaganza. Who could have guessed that?

Jane Lynch, after the initial terrible montage, got to show off her dry humor that is unable to be showcased on Glee and with surprise winners galore, all of us lost our savings (I nearly guessed no categories correctly) in any pre-Emmy betting pools. These must exist somewhere, yes?

For those who had something better to do for three hours on a Sunday, here is what you missed:

Favorite Funnies Storm Stage 

The lovely ladies of comedy showed pageant queens a thing or two, and each paraded on to the stage, creating one of the most hilarious and memorable awards show moments in recent memory. (Turns out it was, of course, the brain child of Amy Poehler.)

Melissa McCarthy was the shocking, and I mean I gasped out loud shocking (in a good way), winner of Lead Actress In A Comedy Series.

We all loved her as Sookie (and her Goth part in The Life Of David Gale, anyone?), and now with Bridesmaids and an Emmy, McCarthy is blazing in the deserved spotlight.

Lonely Island Boys Confuse Elderly, Grind On W.H. Macy 


Award shows trying to be hip is quickly rising to the top of my favorite things on planet Earth. 

Any young people watching will love it, everyone else (as in, the majority of the audience) stares blanking at their television. Who are these nice boys talking about three-ways?  

Their songs are so catching it's ridiculous (I thought Bolton singing about Jack Sparrow would be out of my brain by now, but after last night, it's lodged back in there), and with the additions of Stamos, Ed Helms, and Maya Rudoloph, this was the most random and beloved performance of the night.

Winslet Is Only Missing A "T" 

Being trumped in knowledge by Ryan Seacrest is not something anyone would want to admit, but I have to do it now. 

Somehow I missed the boat in 2000 when Kate Winslet recorded an album and won a Grammy! While it would be incredible to hear Winslet in a chart topping rap single, her award was Best Spoken Word Album for Children. This is still a pretty hot album though, am I right? 

Now that Winlset had the most obvious win at the Emmys last night (but she still looked so surprised!), a Tony win will be her last stop to EGOTing. 

Really, it's only a matter of time, and now it's just a guessing game of whether she will win a Tony for a performance in a jaunty musical (revival of Titanic: The Musical?) or a riveting dramatic play.

Dreams Are A Wish Your Heart Makes

Predictions of winner might have been thrown out the window last night, but mostly it was for the better. 

I was thrilled with the fact that two of my dream winners actually ended up walking away with the trophy. 

Not only did Kyle Chandler and Ty Burrell look as shocked as the audience that they had edged out their stiff competition, but they both ended up delivering the most earnest, "aw-shucks",  hilarious speeches of the night. 

Chandler just kind of aimlessly, in a shocked daze, wondered up on stage (I badly wanted to button his jacket!), and man was it adorable. Yes, adorable, and a high note for the show, even though they cut off the end of his speech. [FNL fans, the show also won in the writing category]

Seeing honest reactions, by first time winners, makes watching award shows quite enjoyable.

It was a good night, with some disappointments (no wins for CoCo, Jimmy, 30 Rock, or Parks and Rec) and perfectly timed to be thrilled about new seasons of everyone's favorite shows starting this week! 

I can't hide it, there is a lot of great TV (and lots of crap), and I love it all.

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