Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chasing Emmy

Awards shows! Love 'em or leave 'em, there are a ton (which is an understatement), as the term "awards season" should be changed to awards year.

Most of these ceremonies are unwatchable, but The Emmys and The Academy Awards are still on top. It's televisions time to be honored this weekend, and with the amount of high quality productions out there, the competition is tough.

Nearly all of my favorites are represented, which makes it difficult to try and come at these categories with a truly open minded and critical eye. There are just some that I want to win so badly (Friday Night Lights! Eek!), that I will turn into a major TV fan-girl whilst this discussion unfolds.

Lets take a look. (For all the nominations in the major categories head on over to Entertainment Weekly)

Supporting Actor, Drama

For The Win: John Slattery, Mad Men

Should Win: John Slattery, Mad Men

Not gonna lie, this category is up in the air and it just seems right to take a huge leap and go with Mr. Slattery. He's part of the silver fox club, and he is on a fantastic television show, which are great reasons to vote for him.

Game Of Thrones is alien to me, though I hear people obsess over it, so I wouldn't be upset if the always rockin' Peter Dinklage walked away with this award.

Supporting Actress, Drama


For The Win: Kelly Macdonald, Boardwalk Empire

Should Win: Michelle Forbes, The Killing

If you are like me, and compulsively follow pop culture, than you will know that Macdonald has won other awards for her performance, and since repeat wins tend to happen a lot, she is likely to take a trophy here as well.

Forbes had to act the part of a grieving mother, on a seriously depressing show for 12 episodes. The Killing is an intense show, definitely living up to the term "drama", and Forbes' compassionate and chilling performance could get her an award.

Supporting Actor, Comedy

For The Win:  Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

Should Win:  Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Even though the adorable Chris Culfer is up for this category again this year , he will get bogged down in Glee's sophomore slump, leaving room for the hilarious men of Modern Family to step out again.

Stonestreet (who won last year) and Burrell both make the show, but Stonestreet's more outlandish performance seems to continually garner the most attention. Someday Burrell will win.  

(Side Note: Where is the love for Jean-Ralphio? Big mistake. Huge.)

Supporting Actress, Comedy

For The Win:  Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Should Win: Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock

Jane Lynch's hosting duties will be her only honor of the night as, once again, it seems like it will be Modern Family's year for acting awards.

Being that both shows were new sensations last year, it was neck and neck with Glee for every award, but this year Vergara seems like the obvious winner. However, Krakowski is still one of the most ballsy, hilarious broads on television. She gets robbed every year!

Actor, Drama 

(Couldn't resist, even though Hamm's work this season is honestly great.)  

For The Win:  Jon Hamm, Mad Men

Should Win: Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Breaking Bad was out of contention for this years awards, and with perfect timing it opened the door to honor Mad Men's triumphant fourth season and the end of Friday Night Lights.

Jon Hamm deserves to win, however, FNL has the final season factor. Chandler has a chance to swoop in, and I for one will be crossing my fingers!

Actress, Drama

(Another incredible compilation! How do people have time to make these? We get to benefit from tons of fantastic time wasting)  

For The Win:  Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Should Win: Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights

Critics everywhere are proclaiming this the toughest race of the night, and I could see their point if I had any interest in The Good Wife. Marguiles keeps winning, pass a little love to Mrs. Coach voters!

Actor, Comedy 


For The Win:  Steve Carell, The Office

Should Win: Steve Carell, The Office

More often than not, my unabated love of  Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock prevents me from picking any other actor in his category. The Office slipped in quality over the years, but Carell was always the shining point in the show even at its lowest point.

Each year Carell has been overlooked, but with his gig on The Office ending with a surprisingly excellent season this year, there is no one that should win other than him.

Actress, Comedy

For The Win:  Laura Linney, The Big C

Should Win: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

The Big C is neither a comedy or drama, so is Linney easily comparable to the other comical ladies in this category? No, but she's Laura Linney, she's rad, and she will win.

There is so much funny to love in this category, but I would be thrilled to see Poehler up on that stage this year (Sorry, Mrs. Fey).

Movie or Miniseries 


(Creepy song for a child to sing? Or does it create drama?)

For The Win:  Downton Abbey

Should Win: Downton Abbey

(I love you Entertainment Weekly but it's not "Downtown", it's "Downton". Huge TYPO, please fix, thanks )

They shouldn't even announce this category, because Downton Abbey automatically wins on the basis that it is an incredible, addicting miniseries, imported from the good people in the UK. Completely unexpected,  I am still shocked at how much I love it.

(Currently on Netflix, steaming instantly to a television near you.)

Lead Actress In a Miniseries or Movie

For The Win: Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce

Should Win: Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce

I have yet to see all of Mildred Pierce (will finish it soon), but can still feel real confident with this guess. Winslet here comes piece two of your future EGOT.

Drama Series


For The Win:  Mad Men

Should Win: Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights ended this year, and has a major chance to steal Best Drama from Mad Men, even though it is a tough call, because both shows have a huge following by critics. The show closed with a terrific final episode, one of the most perfect finales, and finally gaining an award may push the show toward a larger (and deserved) audience.

That is always ironic once a show ends, but if everyone gave this show a chance, I know they will adore it, and be as passionate about it as the cult fanbase is right now.

Comedy Series

For The Win:  Modern Family

Should Win: Parks and Recreation

Modern Family makes the most sense to take a repeat win here, but, as is the case for nearly all these awards, lets all hope for an upset and that the crowd from Pawnee, Indiana wins.

Have your own guesses? Watch the show, hosted by Jane Lynch, tomorrow night on Fox.

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