Friday, October 7, 2011

Stick It To The Man

This is America and in America we stand up for our beliefs. These activists are also prevalent in our movies.

It is overwhelming to think about all the issues in today's world, especially with all the hubbub these days about the uncertainty of the economy, jobs, and hating on our President (I got your back Barack).

I've been thinking a lot about the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, and those cropping up all over the nation, and since I'm not out there sleeping in the rain, I thought I would show some solidarity through the way I know how; talking about those movies with the same ideals.

Really there is no time like the present to list off some flicks about characters who stick it to the man, and work to make the world (or their own life) a little better, and a little more honest.

Into The Wild

(Also, this rad performance

Chris Mccandless graduated from college, gave all his money away, and took to the road. This film (and excellent book) inspired by the young mans real journey, will make you rethink that new iPhone.

Fight Club

Between all the fighting, with Pitt and Norton looking real good, the film delves deep into our lives as consumers and how to rebel against it.

Super Size Me (Plus MANY other documentaries)

Voicing opinions through documentaries is one of the best ways to bring important issues to the forefront. Although often seen as biased, these films catch our attention and cause action.

The American fast food industry has not looked the same since the revolution brought into the mainstream by Morgan Spurlock.


When I think of protests, who else comes to mind? Yeah Gandhi, he is still kind of a big deal, and mentor, in the world of protesting and valuing humanity in general.



Figures like Harvey Milk can take a huge piece of credit for the continuing support and struggle for all people gaining equal rights.


Hunger strikes with Michael Fassbender in Ireland have never looked more intensely realistic. There are folks out there who still put their lives on the line just to further a movement.

Office Space

Anyone who has worked, or will ever work, in an office instantly relishes at each joke in this movie.

They all also wish they could take out their anger on the man by crushing a fax machine...or something even more relevant for today...



Tracy Turnblad loves to dance, and change the mentality of the citizens in Baltimore. Their civil rights march gets me every time.



The mysterious death of Karen Silkwood could cause some to think they need to keep their mouth shut about wrongdoings, but more than likely it will inspire you to do the exact opposite and voice your opinions more actively.

Norma Rae

Unions! Thanks to Norma Rae I get a dollar raise a year! For a first time union worker, that may sound insincere, but it's not.

All The Presidents Men 

Woodward and Bernstein. Redford and Hoffman. Personally taking out Nixon with tip top investigative journalism.

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