Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trailer Wars: You Had Me At Zoo

(did I mention: I LOVE the zoo)
One American movie director, the man behind numerous classics, will have something to please you and your family this holiday season; yes, Cameron Crowe is back and he is making PG movies. 

I want to travel around with a band on bus and have John Cusack hold a boom-box outside of my window, so yeah, I would say that I adore Mr. Crowe and his movies (he is also a Seattleite. Heyo!)

This time, instead of inspiring my life, he has ripped a dream right out from underneath me. Since I was a kid it seemed crucial that I work with animals in some way, but own a zoo? Why not!

For all our sakes his old muse (Tom Cruise) is no where in site, and filling those shoes is Matt Damon. We Bought A Zoo , based on the book and too good to be true story, follows Damon and his family as a zoo seems like. Check it out for yourself: 

After several years of missing Cameron Crowe, I have high hopes for his latest. Which includes, the expectation of a rockin' soundtrack (Sigur Rós at the end of the trailer is a glorious sign).

Even though the presence of Scarlett Johansson is worrisome, the rest of the cast with Damon (including, Elle Fanning and the former "Enemy", Patrick Fugit) seem to perfectly create a story about family, loss, life, and love; all are ideas which we know Crowe has mastered in his twenty years of writing and directing.

In the next couple months the cinema plex is going to be flush with Christmas movies and the ever-so serious Oscar Contenders. We Bought A Zoo seems like it will fill out the variety, and be just enjoyable.

Look for We Bought A Zoo, December 23rd.

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