Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weekly Buffet

Winter is all about bundling up; whether it be piling on the comfy layers to venture outside, or, better yet, cuddling up under a blanket. This is the season where cozy and warm are key to life.

This week the temps are dropping, and the inside is becoming the domain for crafts, building excitement of the holidays, and throwing one up to the Gods of TV.

Lets focus on the latter:

Walker Free Zone

There is only one show that I am amped to catch week after week (NBC comedies aside) and it just had its mid-season finale. With a cliff-hanger/surprise ending (why did I not figure that out sooner!) who knows where we will find the survivors of The Walking Dead in February.

According to some rants on the internet, I detect that many feel this second season has been faltering. While I agree to some degree, the suspenseful hunt for Sophia and the crews stay at the farm was an interesting way to lead the show, even if some felt it was slow.

Largely narrative, with the characters hanging around a lot and killing walkers here and there, we all discovered who is worthy of survival and who just needs to get bit already. Glenn and Daryl soar to the lead of overall bad assness, where the "Pregnant Lady" (what even is Rick's wife's name? Do we care?) grows more annoying by the minute.

Each person serves somewhat a purpose in the storyline but...there could be a few exits without me shedding a tear.

Arrested Development: It's Back! (Almost) 

Netflix is basically becoming a television network, even challenging Showtime, and winning the rights to air the latest adventures of the Bluth family.

Airing in 2013, the episodes will follow each of the characters in a, "where are they now", type fashion. All of which will culminate in a major motion picture.

We all know there is always money in the banana stand, but with fingers crossed, this new venture will be successful for all concerned parties, including the fans.

Instantly Hooked

[Just an excuse to look up dreamy JGL photos]

Speaking of Netflix in its television glory, each week I tend to get sucked into something new that is streaming instantly. Dramas tend to have me addicted quickly, but if they are gruesome and depressing I can only muster enough emotional energy to watch an episode every now and then (Sons Of Anarchy, this means you).

In between I succumb to the likes of silly sitcoms. Those clueless aliens on 3rd Rock From The Sun? I forgot how honestly hilarious this show was, but with the likes of young Joseph Gordon Levitt and John Lithgow who can go wrong.

Just recently I caved to the How I Met Your Mother craze. With my crush on Jason Segal only continuing to grow (must see The Muppets soon!), lets just say, I can see the episodes flying by already.

Which shows on Netflix or television at large are sucking you in at the moment? This is only the beginning, I have lots more!

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