Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Week

As the quintessential hit from BNL would say, it is just one week until Christmas. 

The next several days will be packed full of cheer, as baking, wrapping, and holiday music will be my full time job- if only spreading holiday cheer, for all to hear, could be a legitimate profession year round.

Last year, I ran through the cream of the crop of Christmassy movies, and as that list hasn't changed much,  rehashing a similar list didn't seem right.

Ergo, I decided the finale of holiday themed posts should be a full on grand vision; an ode  to, "The Best Of Christmas", if you will.

Movies, decorations, food, and music all add to the season, so here is just a taste of fantastical things to savor while we still can.

The Lights!

[all taken at Warm Beach Camp-Stanwood, WA]


The Thurmanator

Note: It is clear that this can be found in last years movie post. Though, it makes me too happy, and must be mentioned a second time.

The Treats

[Gorilla Bread recipe from the glorious Butter Queen herself, Paula Deen.]

Made this fantastic gorilla bread for Thanksgiving morn and will for sure be whipping it up again this  upcoming holiday for more feasting-dangerously delicious.

Testing out new cookie recipes is another beloved pass time for the holidays. Here's hoping Christmas Tree Linzer cookies, sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with homemade jam, will become a new essential (and pretty!) treat in our kitchen. 

Here's to finding tasty recipes while perusing the only available reading material at work; mom magazines! Hurray!

The New Jams

I'll Be Home For Christmas-one of those songs that instantly makes me an emotional wreck of a woman. Bing Crosby's version? Forget about it-excuse me while I drown in my own tears. Seriously, this song is a heavy hitter. 

In 2011, the lyrics and melody still pull at the old heartstrings, but with the reigns taken by the bluesy voice of Zooey Deschanel, and the soulful guitar strumming of M. Ward, the song, for some reason, feels more uplifting than ever before. Is it the duo's modern musical twists? Or Deschanel's continual seeming sunny disposition?

Either way it is a welcome new rendition. When you thought there couldn't be anymore versions of classics...

The Old Jams

(See also: Robert Downey Jr. What the what, Piano Man!)

Deemed too depressing for McKinley High's local cable Christmas special (can we discuss how entertaining the throwback Glee episode was this past week?), Joni Mitchell can bring it to my holiday anytime. 

Not exactly a traditional carol, River perfectly exudes the feeling of winter and brings plenty of the emotional notes that comes with other more holiday specific tunes. 

Most importantly, it's just a beautiful song. She also talks about reindeer, joy, peace, etc. What's more Christmassy than that?

Enough now. We'll reconnect to welcome in the new year, and have a blast with even more lists. 

But until then-Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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