Saturday, February 4, 2012

Confessions On A Half-Time

In third grade there were two ladies who made me curse the day I was born a brunette-those two women being Gwen Stefani and Madonna.

These two platinum blond stars (well, most of the time Madonna) were an integral part of my early music obsessions, and while my taste has evolved over the years, there will always be a little bit of my heart reserved for both.

Although, I have discovered in the couple months, that my love for Madonna has slowly faded more than originally believed (Anyone who saw her annoying Golden Globes speech knows).

While high school Justine would have blown her lid about Madonna performing at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, post-College, 24 year-old Justine, is rather blase about it.

As of right now though, I am doing my younger self a favor, and trying to rally behind the idea of seeing her perform tomorrow. Like A Prayer! Borderline! The Ray of Light Album! Come on, get into the groove! (Oh, pun definitely intended.)

It was a rough start to this mission yesterday, with the debut of her bizarre (not in a good way) football/crappy commercial inspired music video for, "Give Me All Your Luvin' ".  Even with MIA, I really got yearning for the old days of Madge after watching that mess.

That disaster aside, lets get real: she's a legend, and has got plenty of classic, and possibly new, material to bring to the stage. Come along with me, watch some vids, and get jazzed for tomorrow night.

Dress You Up

Let's all collectively wish that we were one of those teens in the 1980s, piling out of that station wagon, and perfectly adjusting our lace-bow head band to be just right for a night of dancing with the Material Girl.

Like A Prayer 

One of the most perfect, iconic songs, ever. Still gives me chills-must see this song performed live. Remember when music videos were controversial? Madonna always went there. (Click Here for said, brilliant video)

Hung Up 

Fun song - Fun Album - ABBA sample!


I miss the simplicity of music videos. The 1980s did it best. Break dancing, girl torn between weird photographer and another dude, green socks with bright yellow pumps. Done.

Madonna and Courtney
  Lastly, this gem as a parting gift. You are welcome.

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