Monday, February 6, 2012

Lookin' For A Reason... post this video! When did this actually air during yesterdays football fetivities? Thank-goodness for the glorious internet, otherwise my eyes would never have been graced with such beauty.

Maybe you missed it as well-and you're in luck! Without further ado-the best thing from The Superbowl:

This just in: All of my favorite people have a show on NBC. Next year we shall all head to Clark and Martha Fancypants for Superbowl Sunday.

Other things learned from The Superbowl: 

1) Madonna killed it. Her half-time show made me, and many others, a believer in the Material Girl once again. Possibly even made me secretly love her new catchy pop song... even though the video is still honestly wretched.  
2) Taylor Kitsch x 2 Blockbusters = making me shell out some dough for movies that normally turn me into the two hecklers from The Muppets (John Carter cost $250 mill! All I can say is, wah).

3) When it comes to beer commercials and car commercials (as in the only ads that air during The Superbowl), those which  feature animals will always come out the victor.

4) Elton John is always king-especially in gold platform boots.

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