Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trailer Wars: Asylum

Nearing the end of August, everything swirling around is giving me the feeling that Fall is almost here: those crappy movies that studios held off on all summer are hitting the theaters and even Jo-ann's already has their Halloween display out, where cackling witches can be heard in the aisles as some obnoxious person (cough. me) presses the buttons on various Halloween toys. It's all happening too soon! I'm not ready.

Separation anxiety from the sun will hit full swing when my case of the SAD's kicks in during the endless days of cloud cover, but there can be some magic things about Fall, one being the beauty of Cable television.

On October 14th, zombies will once again slowly wander the streets of America on The Walking Dead, but eyes should also widen in excitement about that shows deranged cousin, where Walkers are exchanged for ghosts, demon babies, and a dude in a leather ensemble; October also brings Season 2 of the outrageously creepy American Horror Story.

Short perfectly crafted teaser trailers have become the more brilliant way to build anticipation for a new movie or TV show, and the several done for American Horror Story are definitely doing their job - I probably won't sleep later.

Are those legs! Is she feeding something! Or is it a scary version of Hansel and Gretel's bread crumb trail!

The haunted L.A. mansion is out, and the insane asylum is in, paving the way for all new characters, but still holding on to many of the players from the original season. Most importantly, Jessica Lange is back this season to stir up some more crazy and Chloƫ Sevigny will be playing a patient trapped behind the walls of the asylum. Those two ladies are going to kill it (acting wise, and probably literally as well), but casting Adam Levine on top of that is a ginormous question mark.

If Ryan Murphy is trying to top last season, expect that anything, seriously anything, can and will happen. He has always had a hard time maintaining a solid TV show for longer than one or two seasons, but he may have found his niche by creating an over the top, insane, yet must see show that can reinvent itself every thirteen episodes.

Halloween TV has never looked scarier. 

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