Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy Whelmed

One wise woman once asked, "You can be 'Overwhelmed' and 'Underwhelmed', but can you just be 'Whelmed'?" 

Today, a killer quotable from a timeless teen movie is the perfect way to describe this awards show that was riddled with amazing nominees and possibilities.

There was some excitement once the winners were announced, but mostly the post Emmy feeling could be summed up with the sound of a balloon flying around the room deflating. Emmy's 2012 proves that sometimes top notch brilliance builds to a so-so end.

I'll try not to sound so disappointed, after all there are bigger problems in the world, but it's difficult for pop culture enthusiasts to ignore this feeling, especially when upon reflection there were only two winners I was honestly excited about.

Here are some of the highs and lows that balanced out to that flat, blah feeling, we are experiencing today:


Many are reporting on the predictability of the winners, which I find interesting, as that is true only for the takeover of Modern Family.  Don't get me wrong, Modern Family is a great show, but is it the funniest show on television? Heavens no.

While a win for Eric Stonestreet is always welcome (his wardrobe alone should get him awards), Julie Bowen winning for Supporting Actress makes about as much sense as John Cryer winning for Lead Actor in a Comedy. Though, that might be because I will never understand the appeal of Two and a Half Men and Bowen isn't my cup of tea when it comes to funny ladies.

Other lady topics lead to the extreme disappointment over the hilarious and heartfelt performance from Amy Poehler getting overlooked. Although, I badly want to check out Veep, so Julia Louis Dreyfus was the next best option.

There was also plenty of comedy and hijinks from those kids in the "Variety" category. The Daily Show dominated and it lead to a rumble in the crowd. Whenever there is a Colbert, Fallon, Stewart sandwich, it will be the highlight of any night.

Where the surprises really started to pop up was the Drama section of the telecast.

Nearly each category ended in shocking turns, which may have been due to my abiding love for all things AMC programming. If I broadened my scope, these results may have not been so flabbergasting.

Maggie Smith is the classiest of dames, and I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey, but my mind is still blown that she actually beat out the incredible year Christina Hendricks had on Mad Men.

Also, Homeland may be the best Drama on TV, I have yet to find out, so because of that unknown factor, the big losses for Mad Men and Breaking Bad sting even more.

Thankfully there weren't all losses for the AMC crowd. In one of the surprising triumphs of the night, Aaron Paul beat out a compatrioate from Breaking Bad, the supposed shoe in of the night, Giancarlo Esposito, in the Supporting Actor category. If Bryan Cranston can't win, Paul is a nice substitute, as their duo is critical to the success of the show, and it was fantastic to see Breaking Bad in some way be rewarded for that incredible season of television.

At least both Paul and Cranston were paired together in one of the most successful segments of the Emmy telecast: a hilarious bit! Who doesn't want to pair The Andy Griffith Show and Meth. Holy crap, they just shot Don Knots! That literally killed me. I love Don Knots; The Ghost and Mr. Chicken anyone?

Ultimately, some of us may be disappointed and annoyed by who was chosen to be acknowleged this year, but honestly, there is just too much good TV on the air and it all can't be rewarded every year. 

Year after year, as TV gets better and better, these award shows are only going to have to make even tougher decisions.

Until next year! 

(Looking for all the winners from last nights 2012 Emmy Awards? Check it out!)

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