Saturday, September 22, 2012

Listing: Emmy Naïveté

Even the most devoted of movie and TV fans can't catch every show or film. I wish I could watch every great new TV show, but when critical things like reruns of Dinosaurs also call out to me, sometimes there just isn't enough time.

When it comes to this weekends Emmy awards, I may know more than the average bear, but there is still plenty of nominees that I can't root for, since I have never laid eyes on an episode.

Below is a short rundown of fan and critical favorites that hopefully, one day, we will all have seen.

1) Girls 

Mostly because I don't have HBO (or that free streaming website of shows no longer exists...), the new hit Girls is the number one show I wish I was watching.

I am a post collegiate 20 something girl! It seems important for me, and others like me, to be watching something that is often referred to as a show that is, "exploring the limitations and freedom of being a woman in the year 2012."

Maybe it's not that good, but I have no idea!

2) Veep 

Scream at me all you want, but Seinfeld has never been a show critical to my daily being. The heights of its success was when I was playing competitive square ball at recess, and sure, if it was on somewhere, I would laugh, but I would never seek it out on my own.

Even with this in mind, I have always found Julia Louis Dreyfus to be hysterical. Her latest show, Veep (another HBO winner), finds her as the Vice President of the United States, and tracks the hilarity that ensues between her and her staff.

The cast also comes with Buster Bluth and Gold-digger, adventure extraordinaire, Jody! Seriosuly, I feel like this show can't lose.

3) Boardwalk Empire

We could always use more drama in our lives, which is why I don't know how I haven't checked out any episodes of Boardwalk Empire.

Who doesn't love Steve Busechmi and prohibition era Atlantic City? Those are two of my favorite things, so now that the show has started its third season I should get into renting some DVD's.

Why can't everything be streaming Instantly on Netflix? All the worlds problems would be fixed if HBO relented and let us enjoy their shows without having a payment for extended cable.


4) Game Of Thrones

For all of those as un-scholared as I am, Game of Thrones is based on the novels of George R.R. Martin, and apparently, per IMDB, follows as, "Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros."

Fantasy type shows don't always call out to me, but everyone keeps talking about this show, and I want to be part of the club!

5) Homeland

Somehow I caught two episodes of the first season of Homeland sometime last year, and never saw anymore. Judging only from those first two that I saw, the show is intense, action packed, and filled with mystery, which is all the makings for an addictive show.

After eight years missing in Iraq, a solider (Emmy nominee Damian Lewis) returns home to the U.S, and is suspected of becoming part of Al-Qaeda by a CIA operative (Claire Danes).

This Showtime drama is highly suspected of sweeping the drama categories at tomorrow's Emmy awards, proving that maybe, just maybe, AMC doesn't have a monopoly on worthy Dramas.

Honorable Mention: Nurse Jackie, even though I have no interest in seeing it, but I just want to know why it is always nominated in the comedy category!

Are there any shows you wish you were watching? Let's talk!

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