Friday, September 21, 2012

Stars Of Emmy

There is no better way to describe it: I get really excited about TV.

I'm not talking the literal TV itself, as there is nothing thrilling about the physicalness of my boxy outdated television. Technology advancement plays no part when it is actually the stories and people who speak from within the box that inspires this girls enthusiasm for all things television.

To kick off the beginning of delving into this Sundays ode to TV, The Emmy Awards, I present something that I should have covered months ago when the nominees were initially announced.

This is not a prediction of who will win, but with so many greats up for awards this year it seemed necessary to compile a list of the most eye catching nominees. Let's take a look:

1) Amy Poehler

For those who watched, we can all acknowledge this was the year that Parks and Rec solidified itself as TV's best comedy that also happens to come with a giant heart of gold (and Ginuwine references).

The show is wrongfully not up for Best Comedy, but it seems right that Poehler is nominated in the Lead Comedy Actress category.

Leslie Knope's pursuit of running for City Council was the solid background story for the entire season. It was a little election in a little town, but we all got swept up in Leslie's determination to win, and now we want the same for Poehler.

2) Louis C.K.

Stand-up comedian, and former Parks and Rec guest star, Louis C.K. has had his own critically acclaimed show, Louis, on FX since 2010, and this is second Emmy nomination in the Lead Actor in a Comedy category.

Having only caught a couple episodes of his show, it is one I have always meant to get back to. This guy is, as his stand-up specials will tell you, hilarious.

Without his inclusion, this category is a giant snooze (except Baldwin), so I'm hoping for a win just for the impending acceptance speech.

3) Breaking Bad

I'm kind of obsessed, a fact that seems obvious already, so I'll move along quickly...

The nominations are based on the incredible Season Four from summer 2011, and now since the show just wrapped an epic eight episode run of Season Five, it is a little difficult to look back all the way to the episodes from last summer.

Although, all that excellence easily comes flowing back once you recall Walt cackling under the crawl space of his house, or a "ringing" elderly explosion, and especially a near death by Lily Of the Valley.

That season was nuts! Although, definitely in a good way.

4) Elisabeth Moss

Peggy on Mad Men is a gutsy, now stylish, gal about town, who is a figurehead for career obsessed women of the 60's or even today. Basically, I want to be Peggy (and Leslie Knope) when I grow up.

Elizabeth Moss playing Peggy has always been a highlight of the show, but just the past season her character has risen in the ranks to be only second to Hamm's Don Draper. There is really no character like her on any other show.

5) Bryan Cranston

With Breaking Bad's extended break, the show was ineligible for the 2011 Awards season, which opened a place for last years eventual and deserved Best Actor winner, Kyle Chandler.

That Friday Night Lights win is still exciting to me and the only time I welcomed a break from the force of B. Crants. He had previously won that category three years in a row and should be spending the weekend making room for a fourth.

This scene explains everything and I hope they show it as his, "why I'm the best" reel.

6) Maggie Smith and Joanne Froggatt

Being the Jane Austen movie adaptation and BBC miniseries junkie that I am, it would seem like I could have called the complete cultural takeover caused by Downton Abbey. I don't think anyone could have predicted a culture going gaga for PBS, but it is an entirely welcome surprise.

Downton, now considered a series and not just a "mini" series, completely dominated all of the Emmy categories. Some others are nominated for Lead Acting, but I am more drawn to these two ladies who play the feisty Countess of Grantham and the loveable Anna respectively.

The Supporting Actress in a Drama category is seriously tough, (also including Anna Gun from Breaking Bad and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men), and packed full of incredibly diverse roles for women.

7) Supporting Drama Actor

Speaking of tough categories, the Supporting Actor in a Drama category is the strongest.

It might be a record, but I literally cherish every single nominee in this category: we've got Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad, Brendan Coyle (aka Bates) and Jim Carter (aka Mr. Carson) from Downton Abbey, Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, and Jared Harris from Mad Men. 

Whew! That's a mouthful. As I said, all great dudes, but I want to give tiny leading nudge to Harris who played a part in the most haunting episode of TV this year, or ever.

8) American Horror Story

The craziest show on TV also stormed this years Emmy's with gusto much like its elegant relative, Downton Abbey. Instead of Maggie Smith and tea we get Jessica Lange and demon babies, but both came away as the most talked about new series this year and could get plenty of wins on Sunday.

It has been revealed that each season will start with a brand new cast and story, so now the show is considered a miniseries, and I expect it to sweep all the categories in which it is nominated.

As it is the most kooky and unusual show that has been on the air in my lifetime, I will continue to follow.

9) Jason Ritter

Parenthood, the only TV show that gets the recognition for giving me the ugly cry every episode, received one Emmy nomination this year, and I didn't even notice until they already lost!

Jason Ritter, who plays the beau to Ms. Lauren Graham, was nominated for Best Guest Star, and lost at last weekends other Emmy awards ceremony. You know, the one where they give out those awards that are deemed "boring" and not worthy of noting at the televised broadcast.

Even though he lost, this nomination is being noted simply because Parenthood is a grand show, and props to Ritter, who plays a lot into the scenes giving me the sobs, for getting this excellent show recognized.  

10) Bill Hader 

One of the funniest men in the world right now is nominated this year in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category for his work on SNL.

I have been sick for two weeks with a hacking cough and laughing only makes it worse. This skit nearly killed me last weekend, because I couldn't stop laughing, which lead to not being able to stop coughing, which continued on to not being able to breathe. Thanks, Bill Hader.

Those noted here is only a tiny snippet of excellence. Peruse the rest of the nominees and get working on your ballot before Sunday!

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