Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trailer Wars: Let's Get Classy & Trashy

Searching for Wuthering Heights on IMDB reveals 15 different movie versions of Emily Brontë's tale.

Since 1939 actors like Juliette Binoche and Laurence Olivier have taken on the timeless roles of Catherine and Heathcliffe, which leave us all to wonder if releasing any other version on the big screen is ever necessary. 

In 2012 we have an answer. Yes, future movie versions of classic tales are definitely worth it when they turn out looking like this: 

Wuthering Heights and I didn't click. My whole life I had heard it referred to as the greatest love story of all time, so in high school I couldn't have been more jazzed to finally get the opportunity to read it for class. 

Maybe it was due to the novel being required reading over the summer, when I would have rather been lounging in the sun pouring over issues of Teen Vogue and Interview and not stuck reading about the damp England moors, because I can still remember those tough days struggling through the story. 

I was seventeen then, and have always meant to read it now so I can give it a second chance. 

Nothing has made me want to grab a copy of Brontë's story more than catching this movie trailer a couple days ago. With a visual style reminiscent of recent movies that blew me away, like Bright Star and Jane Eyre, here comes another that captures such realistic and crisp beauty. All of these movies are such a great example of low budget productions taking on dark stories and making them so stylistically gorgeous that you wish you could stare at the screen for hours.

Not everyone's cup of tea, but this is definitely one I will be obsessing about until I can check out this latest version of the tragic tale for myself.   

Initially shown at last years Sundance Film Festival, the film is currently in a limited release. Try looking for Wuthering Heights in a theater near you. 

Entirely switching gears, we move on to the "trashy" bits. This is something that is not connected to anything discussed above, but I couldn't resist leaving without posting a video that nearly killed me (from laughter) earlier this afternoon. Everyone needs a good laugh in their day after all.

Presented without any further comment, Christopher Walken reads "Honey Boo Boo". You're Welcome. (I don't condone the interviewer in this video. He actually calls people "Newbs".)

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