Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Buffet: A Culture Filled Weekend

(Pop Culture in life: A Summer trip to Twin Peaks)

As Love Actually likes to remind us, "Love is all around". This is definitely true, and, as seen by the above picture, the same could be said about pop culture. This fact is also conveniently proven in that I just made a reference to a movie in order to make a point about life.

It's really hard not to make cultural references or take nerdy pilgrimages to filming locations of television shows.

Last weekend I was inspired by The AV Club's, "Pop-Culture Weekend", where they ask readers and/or celeb's to journal their absorption of everything culture related. In a three day span; What songs did you listen to? What books did you read? How much trashy television did you catch yourself watching? All of the above is jotted down, where honesty is definitely the best policy.

Being inspired is one thing, and having the time to hit the "Publish" button is another. Several days delayed, (the weeks are going by too fast to keep up with!), but fun just the same.

Even though this past weekend did not include said Twin Peaks trips, it did include many other adventures in culture. Here it is, the Pop filled weekend of October 13th:


  John Carter 

Yes, I actually watched this, but for any FNL fans, it has its obvious reasons. Turns out the summer bomb is not as bad as people were fussing about. It is a Disney production after-all, and the historical/futuristic, actual somewhat interesting story, reflects the studios taste for adventure flicks.

Put those two semi positive notes aside, because I still didn't say it was great. It was decent, and there are two major reasons why this film is watchable at all. Both are present in the below clip, I'll let you guess what they are.

Project Runway

Taking Tim Gunn out of his natural habitat, the work room and Mood, and forcing him to visit the final designer's in their homes/work-spaces as they complete their collections, has always been the best episode in any season of the show. In the past we have even bare witness to Mr. Gunn in an apron baking. 

The universe failed us all this season, because I fell asleep as I was catching up on the previous nights episode, or should I call it this season's cast take on, "Visting With Tim"

It was boring, Tim didn't bake, and then no one got kicked off. Anti-climactic to the core. 

Bed Time Songs
"Mona Lisa and Madhatters", a little Hanson mix,  and Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine" album.


Then, I wasn't tired, so it was time for one episode of Louie. I'm almost through the two seasons that are available on Netflix (Season Three aired this year). Simply and thoroughly hilarious. There really is nothing else to compare this show to.



Pulling yourself out of bed, sleepily grabbing some coffee and flipping on the tube for some Saturday morning TV, becomes an even more glorious morning when the greatest Saved By the Bell episode has just started.

Hot Sundae, a workout themed music video, caffeine pills, and the timeless, "I'm so excited...I'm so scared!" episode is a classic. Needs to be submitted to the Smithsonian, that is how important that episode of television is to society. It is a treasure. Put your mind to it, go for it.



In between all my various shopping activities, I settled in to watch Felix Baumgartner break the sound barrier. Something so triumphant could then only be followed by an episode of the addicting Storage Wars. Why do American's all have so much crap to store away? It's all good, because then there these crazies who come to bid on it.

Lifetime Movie

In the evening, before I headed out for the night, I caught the first 15 minutes of the new Lifetime version of Steel Magnolias. This little bit of an impression wasn't much. I like Queen Latifah and Alfre Woodard, but compared to Sally Field and Shirely Maclaine? Pssh, no chance! I just don't see the point.

Evening Tunes

In the mood for something fun-ish, and because they were in my mind after reading about them playing at a rad wedding, I revisited some 90's Yo La Tengo albums. Just as good as I remembered from when I was first introduced to them by a friend who was obsessed.

The Wild Buff

My town's biggest flaw is that there is only one place that brings in the majority of live music. All is forgotten as I've seen numerous notable people there in the last couple years. Most notably, Camera Obscura and William Oldham, but this night it was all about the local artists, as the Seattle band Pickwick had the packed dancefloor groovin'.



I will finish Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I will! I will! Two years and I'm still only on Season 6, but I am trying to finish it before Halloween. It's really all about the big goals in life. 


All about mucho Football watching while crafting (and getting frustrated at my knitting pattern. Argh!)

The Seahawks pulled off a big win against New England. It was needed after the national headline making game, that we'll remember as the, "Bad Call Heard Round The World".

After my night of Pacific Northwest music, I was in the mood for more local tunes. Jamming to the likes of Seattle artists Allen Stone, and re-watching the video for "Same Love" by Ryan Lewis & Macklemore.

Seems like everyone is rightfully giving this song some praise (even Ellen), and their album even debuted at Number One on iTunes. Great song, beautiful video. Proud to be from Washington this election season.


Watching people race around the world on The Amazing Race becomes my favorite reality show whenever it's on! I sort of feel like I'm the only one watching it.

The biggest news of the night is that The Walking Dead is back and better than ever! I love this show, but I often get frustrated with the choices in story telling. Thankfully, they moved forward in time and seemed to just forget about many of the plot points that were driving me cuckoo last season. Here's hoping that the show continues on from this strong start.

There it is, and with another weekend upon us, get to charting your own weekend of pop culture.

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