Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Hello! This is the 90s."

Summer always breeds nostalgia. I don't know if it's the bright blue skies with sun cascading down till late in the day, or the calmness of comfortably lounging outside during warm nights at twilight, but this time of year always tends to leave me in a state of thinking about the past. 

We've been having plenty of these luxurious days weather-wise, but there have also been plenty of other triggers perfectly encouraging this element of transporting your mind back in time.

Songs and shows have been popping up on my radar this week which all echo back to my time in matching purple stretch pants and headbands, pink striped "shorteralls", and scrunchies - being a kid of the 90's was equally incredible, hilarious, and terrible. 

Kicking off Monday morning with the discovery of Pandora's genius, "Summer Hits Of The 90's" station is the way to start any day. You will not have to skip a single track as the likes of, Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray (!), The Goo Goo Dolls, and Mariah take you back to recording songs off ZED 95.3 (R.I.P). Unless you realize how utterly insipid the lyrics to Steal My Sunshine are - that will probably warrant a thumbs down.

Besides dancing it out to some familiar jams, here are some more instances of the 90's re-surging back into the world:

Mazzy Star : Fade Into You

I don't believe in regrets or turning back time, instead I believe in concocting, "If I Was..." wish lists.

Listening to "Fade Into You" has been a growing obsession since last year when the song popped onto the random, yet surprisingly excellent, Best Coast inspired Pandora station. The tune was familiar, but the appreciation didn't start until then - Pandora just really gets you sometimes.

After that listen, the song instantly topped my, "Life would be complete if I had slow danced to this song in high school" list. Alas, when it was topping the charts in 1994 I was eight and had no idea of its glorious existence. All you teenage dance-goers of the 90's count yourselves truly lucky.

All I can hope for is a cheesy prom themed party where that song will be played and my dream will come true.

Nowadays, Kids Will Never Know...

That Amanda Bynes was funny! In the late 90s she was definitely All That.

Bynes, we know it's definitely all an elaborate act, but you don't need drama. In order to get appropriate attention just go back to what you do best; dancing awkwardly with Colin Firth, dressing up like a boy while having Tobias as your high school principal, and just being a no fears comedian. 

They used to compare her to Lucille Ball and now the image she perpetuates is the build up to the  now infamous, shaved headed Spears smashing a car window. Which one is better?

SNICK would not have been the same without Amanda, and she could still be delivering the funnies. Well, that is, by acting in movies and TV, not with wearing terrible wigs in court.

Say Hello To Your Friends...

...Babysitters Club!

That theme song is the ultimate cheery ear-worm. There have been times (too many to count) when I'll be doing absolutely nothing, and the lyrics for that song will just start bouncing out of my mouth like a crazy person.

After not thinking about it in years, that's right people, the show that only lasted one season, but repeatedly played on the Disney Channel all through the 90s, is streaming on Netflix!

The Disney Channel is now a cable standard, but back in my day the most exciting time of the year was the Disney Channel free preview week. Normally during Christmas or summer break (I'm sure whenever they thought kids would be around to beg their parents to fork over more dough and update their cable plan), this amazingness would just click onto the tube.

Obviously, I would annoy my brother with the insistence of watching the same season of the The Babysitter's Club over, and over, and OVER again. I can' believe there was only 11 episodes! There is a good chance I watched each of those 10 times...or more.

Re-watching some of them this week and still remembering exactly what happens in each episode (stop judging Claudia for needing the creepy neighbor lady to be her tutor!) has been blowing my mind.

Those chicks were the coolest. I was always a Mary-Ann, but wanted to be a Claudia. Even now, Claudia's style is worth obsessing over.

The Fresh Prince

Another 90's show with a killer theme song also came back into our hearts this week.

There is something on my Oprah style ultimate favorite things lists that is not a physical object - it is the fact that most people can sing all the words to the theme of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. I could do it right now even - Wanna hear it?

If you're interested in awkward family rap time or watching Will Smith pretend he had a hit single in 2005, watch this video from the beginning. If you just want to witness some treasured moments from the 90s re-created in the present, skip to the 2:30 mark (paying special attention to Heather Graham at 2:33).

I very much hope that Carlton was not in London, and was flown in specifically for this occasion.

Side Note: Graham Norton's talk show repeatedly breeds magic moments. Some American talk shows need to take some lessons from him.

Until next time, or more appropriately - Yo homes, Smell ya later.

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