Thursday, March 13, 2014

At First Sight

Lord Of The Rings meets campy soap opera is all that comes to mind when trying to describe HBO's massive hit TV show, which will begin a new season next month. Even with the comparisons, as an entire package there is nothing else on TV quite like Game Of Thrones.

I had yet to fit this little gem into my schedule, but after completing The West Wing and season two of House Of Cards it is officially time to settle into this pop culture phenom. Finally I can learn why everyone is always waiting for winter!

Just within a couple episodes I know why people are obsessed -  let's work this out:

Epic Intro

Nothing says grandiose event television like an expansive map laying out an entire new world all while a string section and drums play the triumphant score, which builds to the show title blazing in fire!

Between this and the one on True Detective, I hope it means that the trend to produce high quality intros are on the rise.

Marky Mark Damon!

I have a friend who confuses Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg on a regular basis. This is something I struggled to understand, but that's coming from a celebrity know-it-all freakazoid who can name nearly every face in Tinseltown.

The facial resemblance of the two finally made sense within one second of watching this show - There is an actor that appears in the first episode that can only be described as what would happen if those two actors mated.

As the scene progressed various angles revealed different levels of recognition: it's Wahlberg's hair with Damon's profile or Damon's eyes on Wahlberg's head. This was blowing my mind so much I almost missed all the stuff with that scary girl in the woods. (Anyone else think so based on the photo above?)

What's more important? Plot development or being shocked by the fact that there is a British Matt Wahlberg...Mark Damon...Mart Damberg? Oh, I could keep going.


So, I think we can all agree there is quite a lot of "What the F" in this show. I know, I know - I had been previously warned, but still was not prepared to be creeped out.

The domineering blondie Targaryen brother who's just straight up maniacal is one thing and then there's the Lanister siblings. I'm guessing there will be more story around this, but right now it's just out of control.

Between all the drama in the families, the impending "winter", and threats of murderous white walkers, there is already plenty of tension for interesting stories to unfold! I think some of that weird stuff is unnecessary to the plot, but whether I "get" it or not, all that incestuous business just amps this show into a true HBO soap.

In reality I just sound like a grandma who wants the Lifetime channel version.

Fur. Fur. Fur.

For the last couple months I've been bashing around town in this faux fur collar I got for Christmas and it had me channeling a gal from a black and white 1920s movie.

Now I've got the look of a Stark - up North they're all about the fur. That is definitely more bad-ass.


Much like the rest of the country, after 2003's The Station Agent, Peter Dinklage became one of my favorite actors.

He's built up quite the resume since then, even making a hysterical guest appearance on an episode of 30 Rock.

Now he couldn't be better in his Golden Globe winning role on Game Of Thrones. If not for Dinklage I may have never had any interest in this show. I heard his character is still alive...but no one tell me!


Okay, so not real puppies, they're called Direwolves. From what I can tell so far, the people of the North have a connection with these animals. This is especially true for the six Stark children (well, one of them is the eye-candy, half sibling seen above), who each got their own pet Direwolf after a hoard of them are found in the first episode.

Don't even get me started about what happens to Lady - too sad!

I've only finished three episodes and it's unbelievable how much there is available to talk about already.

It doesn't look like I'll be caught up when Season Four kicks off next month, but for those who have, check out the new season on April 2nd.

Until next time.

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