Monday, March 17, 2014

Once A Year Everyone's Irish

In the scheme of life, any holiday where a collective group of people actually band together to perform the same action, like wear a specific color, is quite enjoyable. There really isn't any other day where you find yourself frantically digging through your closet, all in a tizzy and in a panic yelling, "where's my green shirt!" Well, unless you REALLY like the color green.

Walking through a sea of green at work, in the streets and in aisles of the grocery store just livens up the world. Thanks St. Patrick's Day for making it all possible!

Coming from Irish ancestry on both sides of my family, days like this one is just another excuse to get together, colorfully show off some pride, and chow down on food. There are lots of potatoes involved, which no one has ever complained about.

America has taken this holiday and ran with it, so even if your blood line didn't touch the Emerald Isle, anyone can celebrate.There are after-all more Irish-Americans than the actual population of Ireland.

Besides the food, it's not St. Patrick's Day without a little fiddlin' and tunes from some terrific Irish exports. There could even be a little comedy thrown in for good measure.  No one can deny the greatness that has come out of one single country:

"So, You Wanna Go To A Real Party"

Hanging with Jack down in the third class, dancing at an uproarious Irish bash, always seemed like way more fun than that posh crew upstairs.

Obligatory Titanic reference? (Check!)

The Cranberries - "Dreaming My Dreams"

"Dreams" may be their everlasting legacy to music, but The Cranberries in general are rather timeless.

Elton couldn't live without his copy of their record either. 

Flogging Molly - "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" 

Not just for St.Patrick's Day - I can often be found humming this beautiful melody, and, as a violin player, obsessing over that fiddle section.

Van Morrison and The Chieftains

There is definitely nothing more Irish than these legends creating music together. In my dreams everywhere you went in Ireland - pubs, museums, open pastures - there would be a troubadour following you around playing songs like this continually. 

Once - "When Your Mind's Made Up"

Still after all these years my favorite movie out of Ireland features songs capable of giving an audience goosebumps. Glen Hansard wailing at the end of this song? Forget about it!

Conan Visits The Homeland

Everyone's favorite redhead traveled to Ireland many years ago and filmed some memorable bits - This clip never gets old.

Lads and Lasses, raise your Irish spirit high in whichever way you like!

Until next time.

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  1. I can't believe I had never seen that Conan clip! Good stuff.


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